How to Crochet a String Bikini Top | Free Pattern & 📺 Video Tutorial

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What’s the first swimwear that any crochet newbie would make? You got it right, it is the string bikini top! After countless trials and errors, I’ve finally found the perfect stitch count that is not too high and not too wide, but just right! Lol.

If you found this page it also means that you’re probably looking to make that perfect cup! Well look no further, I’ve got that covered just for you!

A quick and easy crochet string bikini top to make this summer, the perfect first piece to make for any beginner! All you would need to know are some basic stitches like the half double crochet stitch and increases! (Also, check out the matching bottom here ).

How to crochet a String Bikini Top |Free Pattern & Tutorial

This pattern tutorial is also available on my YouTube channel where it is worked up in cup size A. However, If you would like a printable and ad-free PDF copy of this Rochelle String bikini top pattern, it is available for purchase in my pattern store, or add this to your Ravelry queue


Designing bikinis was the first crocheted item I’ve ever made and it was a lot of trial and error working up the perfect fit. I wanted to create the perfect size for every cup.

Plus, this string bikini top is perfect for both the beach and pool because I chose the perfect yarn for it – This baby will not sag! 😁



How to crochet a String Bikini Top |Free Pattern & Tutorial


This bikini top is worked up quickly from the middle while growing as you go. Side and top ties are then added with simple double chains.


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Tools and Materials:


Yarn weight: DK Category 3

Brand: Cascade Fixation

Color: Pink/WhiteHook: 2.25mm

Gauge: 24 Hdc sts x 16 rows = 4”x 4”

No. yarns (balls): A[B/C/D/E/F] – 1[1/1/1/1.5/1.5] total or only 1 ball for each color (ALL SIZES)

Tools: tapestry needle, measuring tape, scissors

Skill: Beginner


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Things to Note:

  • Prepare gauge to get the right size.
  • Do note this top is stretchable when using mentioned yarn
  • Refer to the measurement chart here
  • Abbreviation page available in English US format
  • The turning chain does NOT count as a stitch, unless mentioned otherwise.
  • Video tutorial shows the making of size Small
  • Pattern will refer to 2 color exchange as Yarn A for Pink and Yarn B for White.

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Part 1: Making the Cups

Pattern will refer to 2 color exchange as Yarn A for Pink and Yarn B for White.

  1. Foundation: Prepare Yarn A and start with a chain of 15 for all sizes
  2. Row 1: From the 2ndCh from hook, work 1 Hdc and cont to Hdc across the chain, Ch 1, turn [14 sts]
  3. Row 2: Work 14 Hdc Sts, turn to the post side and work 5 Hdc group St on the last Hdc post, Cont to work 14 Hdc Sts on the chain side, Ch 1 turn
  4. Row 3: Hdc 16 Sts, work 5 Hdc in the next St, Hdc 16 Sts, Ch 1, turn
  5. Row 4: Hdc 18 Sts, work 5 Hdc on next St, Hdc 18 Sts, Ch 1, turn
  6. Row 5: Hdc 20 Sts, work 5 Hdc on next St, Hdc 20 Sts, Ch 1, turn
  7. Row 6: Hdc 22 Sts, on the next St, work 3 Hdc in next St, Hdc until the end, Ch 1 turn.
  8. Row 7: *(Contto Hdcuntil the 1st St of the 3 Hdcgroup Sts, work 3 Hdcin the next St, Hdc until the end). Rep (*) for 1[3/5/7/9/11] more rows, Switch to Yarn B, Ch 1 turn. * Change yarn color by drawing up the new color before closing the last stitch. Refer image below.
  9. Row 8[10/12/14/16/18]: Rep (*) for 1 row then switch to Yarn A Ch 1, turn.
  10. Row 9[11/13/15/17/19]: Rep (*) for 2 rows then switch to Yarn B Ch 1, turn.
  11. Row 11[13/15/17/19/21]: Rep (*) for 2 rows then switch to Yarn A for next row. ch1, turn.
  12. Row 12[14/16/18/20/22]: Work 1 Hdc until the 1st St of the 3 Hdc group Sts, on the next St, we will be making the top ties.
  13. Before making the next St, measure about 2 arms length of yarn (approx 60”) and pull another 60”. Fold in half (ref image 1) – See: How to make ties
  14. Insert hook through the next St, and pull up the double yarn (ref image 2) and work 1 Hdc St. Next work double chains with both yarns till the end.
  15. Next, Insert hook through the last worked St made before the ties and draw up a loop (ref image 3) Cont to Hdc on the next St and across
  16. Bind off and make a second cup by repeating steps 1 – 15.
measure ties
Image 1

image 245

Image 2 / Image 3


Part 2: Back Ties

  1. Just like before pull 2 arms length worth of yarn but now for 4 times.
  2. Fold in half and work a slip knot at the 2 ends.
  3. Work up double yarn chains until the end.

Part 3: Attaching cups

image 247

  1. Pick up the Right cup and turn the bottom side up
  2. Weave in your hook through every other row until the last row. Pull the loop end of the tie through.
  3. Repeat the same on the other cup
  4. Pull and adjust ties
  5. Finally, tie a double knot at the end of each tie end and trim of access.
  6. Weave in all loose ends


If you are looking for the entire tool used to make this Rochelle String Bikini Top crochet pattern, check them out here below:


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Happy hooking
Shaz 🌺

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