About The Knotty Lace

The Knotty Lace in Dubai
Started and Founded in Dubai 2013

Hi, my name is Sharon and I started the love of designing bikinis in sunny Dubai back in 2013. I combined the art of crocheting coupled with 365 days of summer days in the beautiful Middle Eastern beaches, and together created The Knotty Lace made-to-measure bikini studio.

It was a whirlwind of joy crafting gorgeous pieces of beachwear piece by piece, all made to order AND made to size! Eventually after several years, I decided it was time to expand our little family and was blessed with a bundle of joy in 2017.

With everything moving at lighting speed, I had to change course from there. Since then, I tried outsourcing to local and sustainable manufacturers but to no avail, hence decided that I could no longer produce quality hand made bikinis any longer.

Selling bikini and beachwear patterns was the best way forward. Learning the art of writing patterns was new to me but I persevered and learned through feedback and kind words from my customers and friends in the community.