The Perfect Honeymoon Crochet Bikini

The Perfect Honeymoon Crochet Bikini. Crochet Arrowhead Halter top & Desert Bottom pattern bikini set
Arrowhead Halter top & Desert Bottom

Have you ever thought what you would bring or wear if you had a beach honeymoon?

When I was making made to order crochet bikinis back in 2013, the most requested bikini set was the Arrowhead Halter Top and Desert Bottom also known as the Honeymoon bikini! I though how amazing to not only have the perfect wedding dress but also the perfect honeymoon bikini, am I right?!

Customers would order way in advance as they knew hand made crochet bikinis are made to order and it would take time to make while factoring in shipping - as I was living in Dubai at the time.

They would be all excited about the order, meticulous about the sizing detail but even more ecstatic about the delivery! Not a secret anymore but sometimes I would even get orders from the husband- to- be as a honeymoon gift🎁 !! How amazing it that!