The Ultimate Sweater Bikini to wear this Winter

Cropped sweater 3/4 sleeves, crochet sweater
Remy Cropped Sweater

Who ever said we couldn't wear a sweater and a bikini together, and call it a thing?

Well since moving to the cold and wet PNW, creating little bikini designs didn't really appeal to me during the winter. I was constantly layering up and was not inspired - at - all.

While drawing blank ideas, I thought "why don't I go online for just a minute and look for some warm tops to add to my wardrobe". That's when the idea came 💡 SWEATER BIKINIS! So this winter, I've been working hard on creating the ideal cropped sweater bikini that would fit almost any time of the year (except snowy/ wet winter days of course 😉 )

cropped sweater, crochet sweater pattern