Supporting Size-Inclusive for the Curvier Woman

Supporting Size-Inclusive for the Curvier Woman
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Hello, friends! I hope everyone is off to a wonderful week so far! Today let’s discuss crochet pattern sizing and the lack of it. 

When I first started creating made-to-order bikinis, every order was always different aka special. Each customer had their own unique style, and I was happy to custom-make each and every piece to their request.

Happy customer wearing a custom made crochet swimsuit
A happy customer wearing a custom-made crochet swimsuit

It is important for me to have size-inclusive patterns in my crochet designs to support inclusivity and diversity.

Historically, fashion has often been exclusive, catering only to a narrow range of body types and sizes. This has led to many people feeling excluded from the fashion industry and unable to find clothing that fits their bodies.

This not only promotes inclusivity but also allows people to express themselves through their clothing, regardless of their body shape or size.

dreamcatcher bikini set
Dreamcatcher bikini set

When people can find crochet patterns that fit well and flatters their body, it can help them feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin.

I’d have customers asking to make larger cups and larger bottoms with more coverage or less cut etc.. and it was extremely fulfilling to be able to customize specifically to fit each individual’s shape and size.


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Custom made One-piece
Custom-made One-piece – Sometimes Larger Cups are harder to accommodate, but not over here 🙂

Fast forward to a year of writing crochet patterns, I made the decision to pick up all my existing patterns and make them all in NINE sizes from Xtra Small to 5Xtra Large.

Today, I am pleased to say “most” of my older patterns are now up to date with all sizes and ALL of my current patterns come size-inclusive.

I am also working to include patterns that can be easily adjustable by Measuring Along.

What is Measuring Along if you’re wondering? It is basically written patterns that include calculations for you to be able to completely adjust the garment to suit your body size best. Check out my free Swatch Gauge Calculator.

crochet swatch gauge calculator
Crochet Swatch Gauge Calculator

And to finish it off with a bright and juicy cherry on top, I am also including them in my blog for you for FREE. Free written patterns and Full Video Tutorials for you.

Most if not all of my patterns will now be free and available for you to use. I have already posted many free patterns on the blog. And I am continuously adding more free crochet patterns for curvier women with the updated all-inclusive sizes in the months ahead.

Check out some of my free all-size-inclusive patterns here:

image 226

Sienna Two Way Bralette | Granny Square Beach Cover | Colette Monokini

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I hope this post was helpful to you and I hope I did not offend anyone by doing so. 😘

So do come back periodically to check up on what’s new. Alternatively, you could also subscribe and be the first to get all of the latest Crochet Talks and Free patterns straight to your inbox.

And if you have any other questions or feedback, please feel free to leave me a comment below.

Happy Hooking,


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