How to Organize your WIP’s with this Crochet Label Tags🔖

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And then you remember about the other five WIPs that have been long forgotten or avoided. What hook size what that again? Which yarn did I use? How about telling me the name of that fancy stitch that looks like erm… a half-star?

Yes! We have all been there! Guilty as charged.

Let me share with you my organizing secret on how I don’t have to worry about ever forgetting about any small detail in all my crochet projects.

With these free crochet label tags. you will be able to effortlessly track and manage all your Work in Progress (WIP) projects stress-free!

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The Smart Crochet Label Tags

smart tag for crochet wips
smart tag for crochet wips

This Work In Progress (WIP) Tag is what we all need. It holds all the information about our crochet project neatly in one place. It even has a little nook to hold a piece of your yarn sample!

This tag will include:

  • WIP #: Great to number down all your projects
  • Project Name: What project you are working on
  • Yarn Type: by Weight or Category or Fiber
  • Yarn Brand: So we know what brand to buy when we need more
  • No. of Skeins: Amount of yarn needed or yarn used
  • Hook: Size and which brand used (if we have multiple hooks)
  • Started on: Great to see how long this WIP has been put on hold
  • Due by: Perfect for motivation!
  • Notes: This section can include: Color, Gauge, type of Special stitch used, Beads or Buttons needed, and other useful reminders

Benefits of using a Crochet Tag

Using a smart crochet tag offers plenty of valuable benefits. Here are some reasons why using a crochet tag can be advantageous:

1. Organization

A crochet tag helps you keep track of your ongoing crochet projects, ensuring that you don’t forget which project you were working on or misplace any materials.

2. Memory Aid

Crocheting multiple projects simultaneously can be confusing. A tag for crochet allows you to remember the pattern, hook size, yarn type, and any modifications you’ve made for each project.

3. Time Management

By having a clear visual indicator of your current projects, you can allocate your crafting time more efficiently and avoid leaving projects unfinished for extended periods.

4. Motivation

Seeing your WIPs tagged and neatly arranged can inspire you to work on them regularly and complete projects faster, boosting your crafting motivation.

5. Easy Resumption

When you pick up an old work in progress after a break, the tag provides immediate information on where you left off, saving time on reviewing patterns and stitch counts.

6. Documentation

Over time, your tagged WIPs serve as a crafting journal, documenting your progress, choices, and creative ideas for each project.

7. Preventing Mistakes

A WIP tag can act as a reminder of any modifications or adjustments you’ve made to the pattern, helping you avoid making mistakes when you resume crocheting.

8. Reducing Stress

Keeping your projects organized and tagged reduces the stress of searching for information, ensuring a more enjoyable and relaxed crochet experience.

9. Identifying Stalled Projects

A smart tag can indicate projects that have been neglected for too long, prompting you to either resume work or consider whether to frog (unravel) the project and repurpose the yarn.

3 smart crochet label tags

How to use this WIP TAG

This WIP tag comes in a printer-friendly PDF file that you can print and reprint over and over again. It’s about 3.5 x 2.5 inches (9 x 6 cm) in size and comes with 3 tags in one sheet. 

It is printable on any regular A4 size paper but for better quality, it would be best when printed on an art card sheet. (An A4 paper size is 8.3 x 11.7 inches / 21 x 29.7 cm).

Incorporating a crochet label tag into your crochet routine provides a simple yet effective tool for enhancing your crafting experience, staying organized, and ensuring your projects are completed successfully.

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Happy hooking
Shaz 🌺

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