My Journey With Breast Cancer 🎗️

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 “You have Invasive Ductal Carcinoma” were the words that changed everything.

I had just turned 42 and I was already 2 years overdue for a mammogram. And because of the pandemic and whatnot, I neglected to go for my routine checkups – Bad idea!

It was Feb 2022 – mammogram day, for those of you who have never had one done before and you’re wondering if it hurts? The short answer is Yes but bearable. It’s like a tight squeeze but only for about 30 seconds. And if you’re on the “smaller” side like me, then there will be plenty of tugging and pulling to get all of them girls on the plate!

The Call Back

A few days later, I got a call ” we need to see you again. There seems to be something in your left breast that we want to double check”

My heart skipped a beat, but I’m usually pretty optimistic. So we scheduled the appointment for a second mammogram to see what was “unclear”.

On my appointment day, we did another mammogram on my “suspicious” breast. (Ouch!)

After waiting anxiously the second time, they called me into the room and told me I needed to get an Ultrasound as well. This time I was beginning to worry. So many things started to cross my mind. I quickly began thinking if any of my family members had breast cancer, or what will happen if I did have breast cancer.

Next, they said they needed to do a biopsy.

The Biopsy


I laid on the examination table, got numbed up, and through the guidance of the ultrasound probe, they made a small incision and clipped several samples for testing. I went home only with a gauze and an ice pack.


Valentines Day

A very nice nurse called to tell me the results came back inconclusive and they needed me to come back in for another biopsy. This was when I knew things were getting “real”. I cried my eyes out knowing what was coming. Even though she didn’t say so.

We scheduled the appointment and this time the biopsy was done on a different kind of mammogram machine. 

I had to lay on a table facing the floor, got numbed up, the girls got squished between two plates (again), and they made another small incision and clipped away. 

I asked the Radiologist what she thought while looking at my scans – “Is this cancer?” She replied, “I’m not happy with it” 😔

The Final Results

A few days later, I received THE CALL. The nurse confirmed I indeed have breast cancer the Invasive Ductal Carcinoma kind, Hormone Positive, Her2 negative, Grade 1, no staging as yet, and told me they will start planning for my treatments. 

I kept thinking, am I going to die young? I have 2 toddlers at home that need me. How are my husband and my family going to feel when I tell them the news?

Everyone was upset.


I had a lumpectomy in March, with no lymph nodes involved. They removed a 1.8cm tumor and 12 lymph nodes which put me in Stage 1A. I also had 25 rounds of Radiation in June. I am currently taking hormone blockers for the next 5 – 10 years. 

I got to bash the gong at the end of my treatment! Yay!


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Bash the gong
Bashing the gong on the last day of Radiation
Bash the gong


Sharing my Breast Cancer Journey means so much to me because by doing so, I know I am promoting awareness, encouraging self-care and early detection, and most of all I want to celebrate the Survivors that fought strong throughout their journey!

And last but not least, let us remember our Pink sisters who left us way too soon! May they finally be in a better place.

My final words I have to say today is that I am now Cancer Free! 🎉

If you have a story to share, do leave them in the comment section below I would to hear your story. 

With Love,
Shaz 🎗️

i am s survivor
I am a Survivor 🎗️

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  1. Thank God you are now cancer free! Thank you for sharing your story Shaz. You are a strong woman and I am thankful for your presence in the crochet community.

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