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crochet tips and shortcut tricks video tutorial
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P.S., I use these shortcuts all the time (Shhh don’t tell anyone about this ok)


Here are my 5 Short-Cuts every crocheter needs to know:


1. Easy Magic Ring / Magic Circle


Here are two simple and easy ways how you can work up the Magic Ring or Magic Circle, which is not as complicated as you may think.

The first option is what I call the 3 fingers approach, Unlike other tutorials where you would need to twist and turn your hand around the yarn. This step only requires the release of 2 fingers to work a knot.

The second step is not exactly a magic ring or a magic circle, LOL. But it is a great alternative to making stitches in the round. And super easy. All you need to start off with is 2 chains. Check them out below:

Option 1 – The 3-Fingers Approach


image 29

  1. First, take the yarn and wrap it around 3 fingers from the outside in.
  2. Then, remove your 2 bottom fingers and draw up a loop through the ring.
  3. Next, use your right hand to hold on to the ring and loop, while you prepare your left hand with the working yarn.
  4. Return the ring/ circle to your left hand and work a slip knot
  5. Chain 1, and whatever stitch your work calls for, you will insert your hook through the ring to make your stitch.
  6. You will be stitching around the tail as well.
  7. Once you have completed all the stitches you need, pull the tail to form a circle.
  8. Insert your hook through the first stitch and slip stitch to close.

Option 2: The 2 Chains Method


image 30

  1. Work a regular slip knot, but make sure that the loop is small and held tight
  2. Work 2 chains
  3. Work all your stitches through that first chain or the second chain from hook. Do not pull your stitches too far from the chain otherwise, it will stretch.
  4. Slip stitch through the first stitch to close.
  5. This is a great alternative to the magic circle/ magic ring.

Check out the full Magic Ring / Magic Circle video tutorial here

2. How to Join Yarns – the non Conventional way

The Russian Join, the Magic knot, or how about the Slit Splice? These are just a few ways how you can go about joining yarns. Yes, they do produce a seamless finish and I don’t disagree with these methods one bit.

However, this is a quick and effortless way plus, do we really have to follow the rules? Wait what rules? LOL

Check out these 2 great options that make joining yarns super easy, I promise.

Option 1 – Crochet Along


image 31

Pause a few inches just before the yarn ends. On the next stitch, draw up a new set of yarn and pull it through the last stitch (this method would not work if you are in the middle of chains). Next, continue to stitch as usual and over the remaining tail. Voila, you have just extended your yarn.

Option 2 – Knot It

image 32

A few inches just before the yarn ends, pick up a new set of yarn and take both ends, Work a one-loop knot and pull both ends tight and cut off the access tail. Crochet as usual. The knot will stay hidden in between stitches. (Don’t judge me)

This option is the fastest and my most preferred choice of all time. And no one would even have to know. Here is a Video Tutorial on Joining Yarns here.

3. How to change yarn colors without needing to weave in ends

The biggest problem I see most often when changing yarn colors is the number of yarn ends or tail that remains left to be weaved in and how to change colors seamlessly. Nobody enjoys spending hours just weaving in ends, do we now?

I’ll be showing you how to seamlessly change yarn colors while carrying along those loose ends in all three basic stitches.

image 33

  1. Once you are ready to change colors typically on the last stitch of the row, work that last stitch until just before closing that stitch. Here I am working a half double crochet stitch, and have 3 loops left on the hook.
  2. The same applies to a double crochet stitch as well. Here I have 2 loops left on the hook.
  3. The same applies to a single crochet stitch as well. Here I have 2 loops left on the hook.
  4. Next, take your new yarn color, and pull it through all available loops to close the stitch.
  5. Then, chain 1 and turn your work. Bring up the 2 yarn ends / tails and crochet around them while hiding them throughout the following stitches.
  6. Once you have completed a row or you’ve reached the end of your project, pull up the extra yarn tail and snip off any access yarn.
  7. And there you go. You have just learned to change yarn colors without the need to weave in any tails. (Except for the foundation tail, maybe)

Watch the video tutorial here

4. How to work up a long chain In the Round without Getting it twisted

image 34

  1. Start your chain as normal with a slip knot and chain up to 10 – 15 chains
  2. Next, remove your hook and insert the hook through the first chain at the bottom. Then, carefully insert your hook back into the working loop without twisting the chain.
  3. Continue to chain the number of chains required for your project
  4. Once you have completed all the chains required, slip the last loop through the first chain, and chain 1
  5. Proceed to stitch the next row beautifully without any twist.

Watch the video tutorial here

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5. Quick and Easy Chainless Foundation Stitch

 image 35

  1. First, gather 5x the amount of yarn needed for the length required for your work. For example, if you need 5in / 12cm worth of chains for that row, pull double that amount of yarn.
  2. Work a slip knot on the working yarn, and NOT on the yarn tail. Insert your hook and hold on to the tail
  3. Wrap the tail around the hook from the front toward the back
  4. Hold on to the bottom of the 2 loops
  5. Yarn over, and work that first single crochet. And that’s it.
  6. Repeat each step above until you have reached your desired length.

Watch the full chainless foundation video tutorial for a better idea!

Here is a roundup video of all the 5 easy shortcuts you should know. If you would like to save this video for later, just click on the video and click the save button.

Crochet Tips & Shortcut Tricks Roundup Video Tutorial for Beginners

If you would like to see more video tutorials like this you can check them out here on the blog or Subscribe to my Video Channel on YouTube.


I hope this tutorial was helpful! Let me know if you have any other ideas you would like for me to share.


Happy Hooking,
Shaz 🌺



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