How to Change Yarn Colors without Weaving in Ends | 📺 Video Tutorial

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The biggest problem most people have when changing yarn colors is the number of yarn ends or tails that they have left to weave in. And nobody enjoys spending hours just weaving in ends, do they?

The other problem that happens a lot is how to seamlessly switch to the next color without seeing the “joint”. 

In this step-by-step picture and video tutorial, I’ll be sharing with you how to seamlessly change yarn colors while carrying along the loose ends in all three basic stitches – the single crochet stitch, half double crochet stitch as well as the double crochet stitch.

And once you have mastered this technique, you will realize just how easy and fun it is to be able to change yarn colors for all your crochet projects!

Now, let’s get right into it. 


How to Change Yarn Colors Video Tutorial

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How to Join Yarn Colors in Crochet

image 64

Once you are ready to change colors typically on the last stitch of the row, work that last stitch until just before closing it. Here I am working a half double crochet stitch, and have 3 loops left on the hook.

image 65
Single Crochet VS Double Crochet

The same applies to a single crochet stitch and a double crochet stitch as well. Before closing the last stitch, you should have 2 loops left on the hook for a Single Crochet and 3 loops on your hook for a Double crochet.

image 66

Next, take your new yarn color, and pull it through all loops on your hook to close that stitch.

image 67

Chain 1 and turn your work. On the first stitch of the next row, bring up the 2 yarn ends and crochet around them while hiding them between your stitches.

image 68

Once you have completed a row or you’ve reached the end of your project, pull up the extra yarn tail and snip off any access yarn.

image 69

And there you go. You have just learned to change yarn colors without the need to weave in any tails. (Except for the foundation tail, maybe 😁)


Other Color Change Crochet Ideas Rainbow Pride Bralette Crochet Pattern

Rainbow Pride Crochet Bralette

This Bralette was made using all the colors of the rainbow and I’ll show you exactly how to change yarn colors seamlessly without weaving in all loose ends in this Free Video Tutorial here. 


cafe latte crochet dress
Cafe Latte Crochet Dress

Here is another idea on changing yarn colors using a fancy stitch instead. In this Cafe Latte Crochet Dress, I am using the Alpine Stitch, and changing yarn colors was done the same way. Check out the free video tutorial here.


I hope this tutorial was helpful to you. And if you have any other tips you would like for me to share, let me know in the comment box below. 


Happy Hooking
Shaz 🌺


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