Comfy Crochet Shorts / Yoga Pants 🩳 | Free Crochet Pattern Tutorial

Comfy Crochet Boy Shorts / Yoga Pants 🩳 | Free Crochet Pattern Tutorial
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Calling all comfort lovers! These beginner crochet shorts are about to become your new favorite summer wardrobe. They’re crocheted from the top down, all in one piece. Plus, they’re worked in the round, meaning no sewing is required!


Have you ever slipped into a pair of perfectly crafted crochet shorts or yoga pants, and felt a wave of pure comfort? That’s exactly the feeling I strive to achieve with our Nella Crochet boy shorts. I’m thrilled to share not only the free crochet pattern but also tips on how to achieve the perfect fit.

While the idea of crocheting shorts might seem daunting at first glance, however, let me assure you that it’s far more achievable than you might think! The beauty lies in their construction, yarn fiber, and getting the right measurements.

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I wanted to make a 70s-inspired pattern that could be used for various purposes. A simple crochet boy shorts that were versatile yet comfortable.

I also had the idea of bathing suits in mind since I already had a bunch of stretchy lightweight cotton yarn at hand which I used for other crochet swimwear. Did you see how it pairs nicely with the Betty Bralette as a perfect addition?

Nella Boy Shorts & Betty Bralette
Nella Boy Shorts & Betty Bralette

And since I had plenty of leftover yarns in different colors, I thought making these shorts into stripes would be the ideal style. This pattern comes in all sizes and is easily customizable, so now it fits everyone from extra small up to extra large. 

This cute pair of shorts has become my go-to for ultimate comfort. They’re so incredibly versatile with a breathable fit that I find myself reaching for them time and time again.

It’s perfect for lounging at home, running errands, and even catching some Zzz’s (they make fantastic pajamas!), they never fail to provide the perfect balance of comfort and style. 

The best part is you only need to master the basic single crochet stitch and how to crochet in the round to bring these comfy shorts to life.

​There’s one important thing to remember for this pattern as you’ll need a yarn type that has elasticity. That’s the secret tip to making your own shorts feel so amazingly comfortable especially when worn on warm summer days. 


Arrowhear Halter Top & Nella Boy Shorts
Arrowhear Halter Top & Nella Boy Shorts

The comfort of making these easy crochet shorts fit perfectly revolves around stretchy and elastic yarn. This will help the finished crochet shorts hug your every curve perfectly, making them perfect for everyday wear such as lounging, running errands, or even as the perfect beach wear! 

I personally love using Cascade Fixation cotton yarn for its softness and drape, but any brand that tickles your fancy will work! I highly recommend you use yarn that is lightweight and has some stretch.

These crochet shorts offer a good bit of stretch and were made with the intention to sit at the hips yet it is easily customizable to different sizes made for all body types.

Keep in mind that the size of the shorts has a negative ease yet allows room for stretch when using the recommended yarn. 

To create a tight stitch, I am using a small 2.25mm crochet hook and the basic single crochet stitch throughout. 

For this pattern, I used leftover yarn and had plenty of color changes to make. However, don’t worry if switching colors seems like a lot of work because I’ve got some easy tips to help you avoid a mess load of loose ends here. Choose a solid color or go wild with different colors for each row. 

how to measure around the hips

The best way to obtain the perfect hip measurement is to measure around the widest part of your hip and not your waist size.

For that personal touch, feel free to add more rows along the top to create a high-waisted shorts finish. Or if you are aiming to create a loose fit or larger size, just add more stitches and an adjustable waistband if necessary.

But don’t forget to make a swatch before starting your project. Learn more about the importance of making a Swatch Gauge here.

The main body of the shorts is worked in one large piece, then finished up by working each leg opening separately.

It’s a simple process, perfect for beginners and experienced crocheters alike. You’ll be rocking your own pair of stylish and comfy boy shorts in no time.



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Tools And Materials:​


Yarn weight: DK Category 3
Brand: Cascade Fixation
Color: Multicolor – light blue, white, brown, beige, dark blue, black, green, turquoise
Hook: 2.25mm
Gauge: 26 Sc Sts x 24 rows = 4”x 4” (10cm x 10cm)
No. yarns (balls): XS[S/M/L/XL] [2XL/3XL/4XL/5XL] – 2.5[3/3/4/4][4/4/4/4] balls or 1 ball for each color
Tools: tapestry needlemeasuring tapescissorsrubber band
Skill: Beginner

 Things To Note:

  •       Prepare a swatch gauge to get the right size.
  • Do note this bottom is body-hugging but is stretchable when using the mentioned yarn
  • Hip size refers to the circumference of the widest part of your bum area and not the actual finished garment.
  •  Please note these boy shorts have a cheeky cut and sit at the hip. But can easily be adjusted to your preference
  • Choose any color of your choice
  • Refer to the measurement chart here
  • Abbreviation page available in English US format
  • Your hip size: XS[S/M/L/XL] [2XL/3XL/4XL/5XL] –32[34/36/40/44] [48/53/55/57/62] inches or 86[91.5/101.5/111.5/122] [134.5/139.5/144.5/157]cm (size up if you are in between sizes)

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Basic Crochet Stitches and abbreviations

​Ch – chain stitch
Sc – Single crochet stitch
Sl St – Slip stitch

Nella Boy Shorts / Yoga Pants Free Crochet Pattern

image 238

crochet boy shorts


PART 1: Working from Band to Crotch


1.   Foundation: Prepare any color yarn, I am using light blue to start. Work a chainless foundation St (see video tutorial here) of 140[148/156/172/188] [204/224/240/260] and Slst through the first Ch to join in the round. Ch 1 

** Chain width should be approx ~17.5[18.5/19.5/21.5/23.5] [25.5/28/30/32.5] inches or 44.5[47/49.5/ 54.6/59.7] [64.8/71.1/76.2/82.6] cm when fully stretched outwards. If not adjust accordingly ** See image 1 on how to exchange yarn color or click this link for full tutorial

2.   Row 1: On the last st, work 1 Sc and cont to Sc across the entire chain in the round, on the last St change yarn color (white) and Sl st through the 1st Sc st to close, Ch up 1

3.   Row 2: Sc each St in the round for another 41[43/46/48/51] [52/55/57/60] rows. If you would like to follow the color sequence in the picture, start row 2 with white followed by brown, beige, dark blue, black, dark blue, green, turquoise, brown, black, brown, beige, 4 rows of turquoise, 4 rows of white, brown, dark blue, light blue, black, white, 5 rows of turquoise in this order and then rotate colors according to your number of rows. This length will sit at the hip. If you would like it higher, then cont adding more rows by measuring 3 rows = 0.5 inch / 7.5cm of row height. Ch 1.

4.   Crotch ALL Size: On the next row, Ch 15[16/16/18/18] [20/20/21/21] and Slst through the middle half of the work or 70[74/78/86/94] [102/112/120/130] Sts from the Ch St. This makes the crotch length.

5.   Row 1 of Leg Opening: Ch 1, and work 1 Sc on the same last St and across the row and the “crotch” chain, Sc on each ch and Slst through the 1st St to close that row, Ch up 1

6.   Row 2 – 9: Sc each stitch in the round for one more row using the same color yarn and 7 more rows changing colors (I have used beige, light blue, dark blue, 2 rows of black, 2 rows of brown, in this order). If you would like the leg to be longer, cont adding more rows by measuring 3 rows = 0.5 inch/ 7.5cm of row height. Bind off

7.   On the other leg opening, pick up yarn anywhere around the crotch chain and Rep step 5 & 6

image 240
How to change yarn colors


PART 2: Attaching rubber band

1.   Prepare a black yarn and an elastic rubber band to stitch around the band. (See video tutorial example here)

2.   Insert your hook through the side or back st (some place inconspicuous) of the top row and draw up a loop and Ch 1

3.   Next, place the rubber band on top of the row and insert hook through the first St and draw up a loop from under the band, and Sc around it.

4.   The elastic band should be between the Sc Sts. Cont to Sc each st in the round while pulling the rubber band firmly across,

5.   About 10 sts before closing the row, pull both ends of the elastic band slightly and work 2 knots. Secure and fasten off.

6.   Sc the remaining Sts while covering the rubber band, Slst through the 1st St to close the row.

7.   Bind off and snip off any access band

8.   Weave in all loose ends.

Best to use a round face elastic band like this
Best to use a round-face elastic band like this



If you are looking for the entire tool used to make this Nella Boy Shorts crochet pattern, check them out here below:

Nella Boy Shorts Crochet Pattern

The Nella Boy Shorts is made to be versatile whether it be for activewear, calm yoga or fun in the pool. It is super comfortable and pairs well with any...


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Happy hooking

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