The Easiest Way to Crochet Ties for Bikinis, Swimsuit, Tops and more | 📺 Video Tutorial

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I wanted to make this video tutorial because many of you have asked me how I make my crochet ties.

When I first started making bikinis ties, to be honest, I wanted something fast and easy. And I found this to be the best way (for me) to work up ties.

However, putting them in writing sometimes doesn’t do much justice. I would know because I AM a visual kind of person. So I decided that I had to put together a step-by-step picture guide and a video tutorial just for you.

If you like how it is done this way too, do drop me a ♥ comment below.


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How to Crochet Ties Video Tutorial

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How to Crochet Ties – Easy Peasy

image 100

For most of my patterns, I like to incorporate the tie on to the last row that I am working on because I feel it is more secure that way.

So in this case, on the last working row, you will insert your hook through the stitch where you want your ties to be. ie: if you are working a half double crochet stitch, you will only Yarn Over, insert hook, Draw up a loop, and stop there.

image 101

Then, hold on to the unfinished stitch and with your other hand, pull two arms-length worth of yarn (60″ / 150 cm). See image below

image 103

  1. One arm’s length pulled
  2. Depending on how many times the pattern calls for, take the pulled yarn from the other hand
  3. Then, pull another arms-length worth of yarn

image 104

Next, fold the yarn by holding the tip and dragging another set of yarn along the earlier pulled yarn.

image 105

Once you have reached the end of the pulled yarn


image 106

Wrap the double yarn around your hand as you normally would and complete the last unfinished stitch by pulling through both yarns.

image 107

Now you will work chains with the double yarn until the end

image 108

Once you have completed your chain ties, pick up the working yarn from where it was left

image 109

Insert your hook through the last stitch and draw up a loop and continue to stitch the remaining stitches for that row.

image 110

That’s pretty much it. See what I mean about lengthy, LOL. I didn’t mean for it to be, I promise. And if that wasn’t detailed enough, you can also watch the video tutorial below. 😊



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I hope this tutorial was helpful! Let me know in the comments below if you have any other ideas you would like for me to share.


Happy Hooking
Shaz 🧶

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