10 Things You Must Know About Crochet Bikinis And Swimsuits

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Hey there lovelies. I hope you’re having a bright and lovely day. Today I’ll be answering all the frequently asked questions about Crochet Bikinis, Crochet Swimsuits, and what yarn to use. So let’s get right into it.


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1. Can I Swim In Crochet Bikinis/Swimsuits? Will It Sag?​

FAQ about crochet swimsuit & bikini
Swimming in a Crochet 2 piece
  •      If you’re using the right kind of yarns, then the short answer is Yes, you can swim in it without it sagging or stretching. In fact, it will also dry quickly when you use the correct yarn.


2. Are Crochet Bikinis/Swimsuits See-Through?

FAQ about crochet swimsuit & bikinis
  • It depends on the type of stitch used and the size of your hook. The smaller the hook and the finer the yarn, the better it is in getting those tighter stitches. Simple basic stitches like Single crochet and Half double crochet works best. Double crochet and other taller stitches will show more gaps.
  • If you’re still concerned about transparency, you can always work a nude lining on the inside of your swimwear or add cup inserts.

3. Are Crochet Swimsuits Uncomfortable?

FAQ about crochet swimsuit & bikinis
  • Just like any other garment, if it is not done correctly it will become uncomfortable. Using yarns that are stretchable and breathable is essential
  • This is followed by ties and elastic bands that are thicker or wider for that extra support. Once you have all this in place, you will achieve a snug and comfy piece of swimwear that you will want to wear all day long.

4. What Type Of Yarn Should I Use For Crochet Bikinis/ Swimsuits?

FAQ about crochet swimsuit & bikinis
Cascade Fixation Yarns
  • This is super important. In fact, it is THE most important question of all! You must only use yarns that have Spandex or Polyamide blended into the base of the yarn such as cotton or acrylic. 
  • This will offer the same kind of stretch you get in a regular swimsuit. And if it stretches, it should also be able to retract back and hug your body comfortably when wet or dry.
  • Most of my bikinis and swimsuits are made using Cascade Fixation yarns. Another yarn that I also love is the Alize Diva Stretch. Depending on which is more accessible to you, these two yarns are what you need to get the perfect swimwear stretch.

More info here.

5. Do Crochet Bikinis/ Swimsuits Shrink?

FAQ about crochet swimsuit & bikinis
Sahara Bikini Set
  • If you use anything BUT Cotton + Spandex, the answer is Yes. It will shrink or even stretch! All crochet swimwear must include a blend of Spandex which is elastane or Lycra. This will prevent your crochet swimwear from shrinking or stretching.
  • Do not machine wash. I can guarantee you it will shrink if you do. Hand wash and lay flat to dry is always the best way to care for your crochet garments.

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6. Can Crochet Bikinis Support Larger Cup Sizes?

FAQ about crochet swimsuit & bikinis
Triangle Bikinis are best suited for bigger bust gals
  • Yes. The best thing about crochet swimsuits is that they are so versatile, that you can achieve that perfect fit. And for larger bust sizes, I highly encourage you to add silicone cup paddings like these. You might think, I don’t need paddings for larger bust, but the truth of the matter is, it is meant for support rather than for the added size.
  • Another important factor would be the style of your swim top. Some styles may not be as appealing as others. For example, a triangle cup would fit a larger bust better than a bandeau top.
  • And last but not least, an elastic band under the bust will provide that much-needed support any girl(s) could ask for ♥♥

7. Do I Have To Put Lining Inside My Crochet Bikini/ Swimsuit?

FAQ about crochet swimsuit & bikinis
Matahari Crop Top with no lining
  • Swimsuits or bikinis that come with lace designs or larger gaps, would most definitely require linings.
  • In general, most crochet swimsuits do not need linings. It is purely a personal preference and not a structural requirement.

8. Why Are Some Crochet Bikinis/ Swimsuits Cheaper Than Others?

FAQ about crochet swimsuit & bikinis
Candy Twist Bikini Set
  • Cheaper crochet swimsuits are most likely made with cheaper yarn that does not stretch, will most likely sag, does not maintain its shape, and will not be comfortable to wear at all. (Hence all the bad and sad reviews )


9. Are Crochet Bikinis/ Swimsuits Stretchable?

FAQ about crochet swimsuit & bikinis
  • Referring back to Question 4. If you use the correct yarn, it should be stretchable and be able to hug your body with each wear.


10. My Crochet Bikini/ Swimsuit Did Not Turn Out Right. What Did I Do Wrong?

  • Not using the correct yarn and hook size
  • Not adding elastic bands for support
  • Not getting your gauge right
  • Making the wrong size
  • Not incorporating enough room for stretch
  • Washing it in the washer
  • Drying it in the dryer

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I hope I was able to answer all your queries about crochet bikinis and swimsuits. And if you still have any other questions or doubts, please feel free to leave me a comment below.

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Happy hooking,
Shaz 🌺


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