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Penelope crochet Bralette
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The ultimate combo of cozy, stylish, and pool-ready, check out the Penelope Crochet Bralette Top that comes as a free written pattern with a video tutorial included. It’s effortlessly chic with its black and white design, perfect for any fun in the sun. Plus, it’s also written for all sizes mind!

This modern-day crochet bikini top is not only stretchy and comfy to wear, but completely functional as swimwear at the pool or at the beach.

Grab the free crochet pattern below or watch the step-by-step video tutorial. The written pattern covers all sizes from XS to 5XL, so everyone’s included!

If you would like a printable PDF copy of this pattern with no distracting ads, and loads of guided images, it is also available for purchase on my pattern store here. Or just add this to your Ravelry queue for later.


crochet penelope bralette
Penelope Bralette & matching bottom

Before making this Crochet Bralette / Bikini Top, I wanted simplicity with timeless elegance. Inspiring from the classic combination of black and white, this basic bralette shines in its own back-to-basic colors. 

At its core, comfort is key. This simple bralette ensures a cozy fit that allows for effortless movement, making it an ideal choice for both swimming and lounging by the beach.

And not only is the Penelope bralette comfortable, but it’s also quick and easy to make. Check out the matching bottom here.

With a straightforward pattern using basic crochet stitches, even newbies will be able to whip up this stylish piece in no time. It’s the perfect project for those looking to indulge in a bit of creative relaxation.

crochet penelope bralette

This cute crochet top also pairs really well with shorts or jeans, it effortlessly transitions from beachwear to casual street style. Its understated charm adds a touch of sophistication to any ensemble, allowing you to seamlessly go from a day in the sand to an evening stroll at dusk.

And if you want to see more styles like this, then go check out these other stunning bralette patterns available here, and start creating a summer wardrobe collection you never knew you needed!

Watch the Video Tutorial

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crochet penelope bralette flatlay

Crafting this bralette crochet pattern is a journey in simplicity and functionality, designed to offer both comfort and style for beachgoers and casual fashionistas alike.

This project starts from the bottom band, followed by seamlessly crocheting on the bralette cups making this pattern great for beginners. Zero joining adds to the seamless aesthetic of this bralette.

Using only basic stitches such as half double crochet and double crochet stitches, this pattern is unlike my other bralette or bikini top patterns where they are usually written based on bra cup size.

However, for this pattern, I have chosen to work based on the chest circumference instead, giving you a size range from XS to 5XL.

Additionally, you will also learn how to change yarn colors effortlessly.

crochet penelope bralette_2

After building the cups, ties are then added to the top and back. The top ties are then seamlessly joined to the cup with a matching edging, which also also adds a touch of flair to the overall design.

Whether you prefer a fuller or slimmer fit, simply select the size according to the measurement chart based on your preferences, to allow for both coverage and support. 

The best yarn to use for crochet bikinis and swimwear is the Cascade Fixation yarn. Known for its exceptional stretch and durability, this bralette is not only suitable for lounging by the pool but also stands up to the rigors of aquatic activities.

Dive into the water with confidence, knowing that your Penelope bralette will stay put and maintain its shape. This is a category 3 or DK weight yarn making it the perfect yarn for this project.

Together with this yarn, I am using a 3mm crochet hook for that extra snug stitch you would not need to worry about adding an extra layer of inner lining fabric.

Learn more about other types of crochet swimwear yarn available here.

Feel free to add cup inserts like these and elastic bands at the base for extra support.

This Crochet Bralette tutorial is also available Ad Free with a fully picture-guided PDF file to guide you throughout the entire process.

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Tools And Materials:

crochet penelope bralette tools and materials

Yarn weight: Category 3
Brand: Cascade Fixation ➡️ Find a Yarn Substitute here
Color: White and Black
Hook: 3.0 mm
Gauge: 24 Hdc Sts x 14.7 Rows = 4”x 4” / 10 x 10 cm
No. yarns (balls): XS [S /M /L /XL] [2XL/3XL/4XL/5XL] – 1.5 [1.5/ 1.5/ 2.0/ 2.0] [2.0/ 2.0/ 2.5/ 2.5] or (1 ball for each color for XS – XL and 2 Black and 1 White for 2XL – 5XL)
Total Yardage (approx.): 119 [131/ 144/ 156/ 169] [182/ 194/ 207/ 219]  
 Tools: tapestry needle, measuring tape, Scissors, Stitch Markers,

Skill: Beginner to Easy

Things to Note:

    • Prepare a pattern gauge to get the right size. You may need to adjust your tension or change the hook size to achieve the same gauge.
    • Do note this bralette is stretchable when using the mentioned yarn
    • Turning chain does not count as a St unless mentioned otherwise
    • Do note there is a negative ease of 2 in/ 5cm when using the recommended yarn
    • Measurements above are for the finished bralette and not the actual body size
    • Adjust to your size accordingly.
    • The abbreviation is available in English US format here.
    • Refer to measurement and sizing here
    • Video Tutorial available here


Crochet Stitches used 

Ch – Chain(s)
Sc – Single Crochet
​Slst – Slip stitch
Hdc – Half Double Crochet 
Dc – Double Crochet 
Hdc2tog/ dec – Half Double Crochet two Stitches together / decrease
Hdc3tog/ dec – Half Double Crochet three Stitches together / decrease
Dc2tog /dec – Double Crochet two Stitches together / decrease
SM – Stitch marker


Penelope Crochet Bralette - Free Pattern

crochet penelope bralette 1


crochet penelope bralette measurement chart

PART 1: Cups

  1. Foundation Row: With Yarn A, 56 [68/ 80/ 92/ 104] [116/ 128/ 140/ 152 ] + Ch 1, turn
  2. Row 1: In the 2nd Ch from hook, Hdc into each Ch across, on your last St, switch to Yarn B, Ch 1 turn
  3. Row 2: Hdc into each St across, Ch 1 turn
  4. Row 3: Hdc into each St across, on your last St, switch to Yarn A, Ch 1 turn.

    Place one SM on the 28 [34/ 40/ 46/ 52] [58/ 64/ 70/ 76] St and another one after it.

  5. Row 4: Hdc2tog, Hdc across until the 3rd last St from the SM, Hdc2tog, Ch 1 turn
  6. Row 5: Hdc across until the 3rd last St, Hdc2tog, Ch 1 turn
  7. Next Rows: Rep Row 5 until you have 3 Sts remaining
  8. Last Row: Hdc3tog, Ch 1 to secure and bind off.
  1. Second Cup side: Insert hook into the next SM, draw up a loop and Hdc2tog, Hdc across until the 3rd last St, Hdc2tog, Ch 1 turn
  2. Rep Step 6 – 8.

PART 2: Straps + Border

  1. Foundation Row: With Yarn B, insert hook at the top at the Right Cup (RS), and work 100 Chs. Ch1 to start the next row
  2. Row 1: Hdc into the 2nd Ch from hook and all the way across the foundation Ch. Cont to work 2Hdc Sts into each row across the outer side of the cup, Ch 1 turn
  3. Row 2: Hdc each St across, on your last St Switch to Yarn A, Ch 1 turn
  4. Row 3: Hdc each St across, Ch 1 turn
  5. Bottom Strap Row 1: Dc 10, Ch 1 turn
  6. Bottom Strap Row 2: Dc2tog, Dc across, Ch 1 turn
  7. Bottom Strap Row 3: Dc across until the 3rd last St, Dc2tog, Ch 1 turn
  8. Next Row: Rep Steps 6 & 7 until you have 4 Sts remaining.
  9. Next Rows: Cont to Dc 4 Sts for another 73 rows or until you’ve reached you’re pref length. Ch 1 to secure and bind off
  10. Repeat steps on the other side.
  11. Foundation Row: With Yarn B, insert hook at the top at the Left Cup (RS), and work 100 Chs. Ch1 to start the next row
  12.  Rep Steps 2 – 9.

PART 3: Center Border

  1. With Yarn B, insert hook at the bottom of the Ch made earlier on the Right Cup (RS), Draw up a loop and Ch 1 to secure. Work a 2Hdc St into the Row on the cup side and and cont to work 2Hdc Sts into each row across.
  2. Once you’ve reached the last row at the bottom of the cup, work a Hdc2tog into the next 2 Sts (where the SM were before)
  3. Cont to work 2Hdc Sts into each row across until you’ve reached the top of the cup on the other side. SK 2 and Slst 2 and turn
  4. Row 2: Sk the prev 2 Slst and work Hdc Sts across the row until the top of the 2nd cup.
  5. At the end of the row, Sk 2 Sts, Slst, Ch 1 to secure and bind off.
  6. Row 3: Insert Yarn A at the top of the strap (RS), draw up a loop and work a Hdc.
  7. Cont to Hdc each St all the way across until the end of the other tie. Ch 1 to secure and bind off
  8. Weave in all loose ends.



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If you are looking for the tools used to make this Crochet Penelope Bralette Bikini Top pattern, I’ve listed them all right here:

♥  3.0 mm Crochet Hook
Cascade Fixation in Black and White
♥  Penelope Bralette Pattern (Ad Free & Picture guided!)
Video Tutorial

Penelope Crochet Bralette

Effortlessly chic, the Penelope Crochet bralette / bikini top offers a stunning black and white design perfect for swimming or lounging. This bralette is easily adjustable and written for all...


Great job if you made it this far! If you have any questions about this pattern, do get in touch with me by dropping a comment below.

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Happy hooking,
Shaz 🧶

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