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Have you ever felt like the chainless foundation stitch is a nightmare to work up? Especially if you’re working with a smaller hook and yarn! Yes, I do! That’s me!

A chainless foundation is are stitches that do not start with your usual chain. (Pretty straightforward right?) And it works really well when you want that extra stretch like at the bottom or side of a top or even for garments around the hips like a skirt, shorts, or even a bikini.

It really is a great stitch, to be honest. Once you know the right way of course!

As I am currently working on a new design, I realized that I would need to work on a chainless foundation single crochet stitch. It is not a complicated task but it does require a lot of patients and a lot of trying to get the perfect tension?

Every designer has their own method, and to be honest I personally don’t use them very much because I just find them slower to work up and not aesthetically pretty at the end. I don’t seem to be able to get consistent loops. 🤷‍♀️

So I decided FSC is just not my thing. But then while working on this new design I realize that I needed this stitch! So I had to figure out how to make this work for me.

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And I uncovered (not discovered! lol) that this method of the chainless foundation was really fast and easy and I actually enjoyed it!

Please bear in mind this is not your conventional way of working an FSC as this stitch can also be used for multiple finishing and is not necessarily meant just for a foundation stitch, but it works!


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The Easiest and Fastest Chainless Foundation Stitch

image 136

Firstly gather 5x the amount of yarn needed for the length required for your work. For example, if you need approx 5in /12cm of sts for that row, then pull double the required amount of yarn.

chainless Foundation Stitch
Work a slip knot

Work a slip knot on the working yarn, and NOT on the yarn tail

chainless Foundation Stitch

Insert your hook and hold on to the tail

chainless Foundation Stitch

image 139Wrap the tail around the hook from the front toward the back

chainless Foundation Stitch

image 140It should look like this. Hold on to the bottom of the 2 loops

chainless Foundation Stitch

image 141Yarn over, and work that first single crochet! And that’s it.
chainless Foundation Stitch
Repeat each step above until you have reached your desired length. In this case, it is 5ins / 12cm.

chainless Foundation Stitch

image 142Once you have completed the chainless foundation, make sure to insert your hook through the correct stitch loop on your next row! You can check out my video tutorial for a better idea!

Watch the Video Tutorial

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I hope this tutorial was helpful! Let me know if you have any other ideas you would like for me to share.

Happy Hooking
Shaz 🌺

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