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Experimenting with new stitches is always fun, but have you tried the Paddle Stitch yet? It is a one-stitch repeat process, that can be combined with single crochet stitches to give it a one-sided slant look or a zig-zag finish.

I recently used this pattern on the Heather Sweater Dress combined with a row of double crochet stitches and am really loving the texture.

And as I wrote about this stitch in the sweater post, it needed a name and I decided to call it the Paddle Stitch because it reminds me of a bunch of paddles lined up on a rowing boat!🙈

However, I’m happy to update this pattern to its actual name if YOU could help let me know what this stitch is called. I’ll be happy to give you credit for it! 

Now, let’s get right into this stitch, shall we? And if you prefer to watch the video tutorial instead, skip these steps and jump right on down


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Paddle Stitch


Paddle stitch.1

This pattern works great for blankets, cowls, bags, and basically anything that require weight and texture. It has a bit of a poufy texture to it, but if you’d prefer to have it less poufy, go ahead and use a bigger hook or a lighter yarn.

image 46Paddle stitch

1. Go ahead and work any number of chains

image 47Paddle stitch 2

2. Chain 1 to start the next row, and on the second chain from your hook, work 1 half double crochet stitch (Yo, insert hook, draw up a loop, Yo, pt 3 loops)

image 48Paddle stitch 3

3. Next, yarn over and insert your hook back into that first stitch, and draw up a loop. You should have 3 loops on your hook

Paddle stitch 4
image 50

4. Then, you will skip that next chain/ stitch, yarn over, and insert your hook through the following chain/ stitch. So that would be the 3rd chain/stitch.

image 49Paddle stitch 5

5. You will draw up a loop and now have five loops on your hook.

image 51Paddle stitch 6

6. Yarn over and pull through all loops. And that is your first paddle stitch. It is just like working a HDC2tog (Half Double Crochet, of two stitches together), but instead of HDC2tog on the next stitch, you will skip a stitch and work the following stitch.

image 52Paddle stitch 7

7. Now for the next stitch, you will go back to the skipped chain/stitch earlier (the 2nd chain), yarn over, and draw up a loop.

image 53Paddle stitch 8

8. Then you will skip the next stitch, yarn over and insert your hook through the following chain/stitch (the 4th chain) and draw up a loop

image 54Paddle stitch 9

9. You should have 5 loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull through all loops.

image 55Paddle stitch 10

10. And that’s your second stitch. Now go ahead and repeat these steps until the last stitch and I’ll show you how to close the row.

image 56Paddle stitch 11

11. Once you have worked all chains/ stitches, you will need to work 1 Half double crochet on the last stitch. That would even out the number of stitches.


image 57Paddle stitch 12

For the next row, just repeat steps 2 – 11.


Increase Rows


image 58Paddle stitch 13

For the increase row, follow the steps above from 2 – 11, but replace ONE half double crochet stitch with TWO half double crochet stitches instead. Do this on both ends.


Decrease Rows


image 59Paddle stitch 14

For the decrease row, follow the steps above from 3 – 11. That would mean, instead of placing that one-half double crochet stitch at the beginning, you will omit this stitch and go straight into the paddle stitch. Omit this on both ends.


Paddle Stitch Video Tutorial

If you would like to see more video tutorials like this you can check them out here on the blog or Subscribe to my Video Channel on YouTube.


I hope this tutorial was helpful! Let me know if you have any other ideas you would like for me to share.


Happy Hooking
Shaz  🌺

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