Fun Crochet Sweater Dress | Free Pattern & Video Tutorial

fun crochet sweater dress free pattern & video tutorial
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When it gets cold and wet outside, all I can think about are my large oversized sweaters!

And of course, what better way to look fun and trendy in an oversized sweater than with a cozy, and long crochet sweater dress! 

And I’m happy to share with you my Heather Crochet Sweater Dress which is a free written pattern and it also comes with a step-by-step video tutorial.




Here in the pacific northwest, we get a lot of rain this time of year, and apart from rain boots, I wear leggings a lot! I practically live in them.

But with every legging, comes the predicament of a long-oversized top.

So I decided I wanted to make a long and cozy sweater to go with all my leggings. And since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I wanted to make something nice and pretty.

I also came across this special stitch by accident, and to be honest, I don’t even know the name of it! LOL

If you happen to know the name of this stitch, do drop me a comment below, and I’ll be sure to update this post (crediting YOU). I look forward to knowing the name of this “mysterious” stitch!


fun crochet sweater dress free pattern
Heather Crochet Sweater Dress / Oversized Sweater


And if you enjoy watching video tutorials, this pattern is also available on my YouTube channel where it is worked up in the size Medium.

However, If you prefer a physical hard copy instead, a printable ad-free PDF copy of this pattern is available for purchase in my pattern store here. Or just add this to your Ravelry queue for later.

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So what is this stitch you might be asking? While I was playing around with a new stitch idea, I decided to toy around with something new and this pretty stitch emerged!

It’s a half-double crochet two separate stitches together. It kind of has that “bobble” feel to it, making it poofy and textured, which makes this sweater all the more fun!

So since I don’t know the name of this stitch, I’ll be calling it the Paddle Stitch for now. Because it reminds me of a bunch of paddles lined up on a rowing boat!  🙈

Check out the Paddle Stitch tutorial here

Whatddya think? Can we use this name for now? And as I mentioned earlier, if you know the name of this stitch, do drop me a comment below, and I’ll be sure to update this post (crediting YOU) 😉

heather sweater dress
Paddle Stitch

While working on this top, I also wanted it to look trendy and modern enough to wear as a dress! So I made it a little bit more on the snug side. But this sweater is easily adaptable length-wise and width-wise and can easily be adjusted when measured along.


And if you prefer to measure as you go, do check out this yarn calculator here where you can get the exact number of skeins required for your project.

I am using Caron Simply Soft Heathers in the color Heather Gray (Hence the name!). I like this yarn because of the slight sheen that it gives in the light. But you can of course you can use any category 4 medium-weight yarn of your choice.


Watch The Video Tutorial Here

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Tools And Materials:

Yarn weight: Category 4
Brand: Caron Simply Soft Heathers
Color: Heather Gray
Hook: 3.5mm & 4.5mm
Gauge: 14 PSt x 8 rows = 4 x 4” / 10 x 10 cm
No. yarns (skeins): XS [S/ M /L/ XL] [2XL/ 3XL /4XL/ 5XL] = 6 [6/ 7/ 7/ 7] [8/ 8/ 8/ 9]
Tools: tapestry needlemeasuring tapescissorsstitch markers
Skill: Easy +

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Things to Note:

  • Prepare pattern gauge to get the right size. Ref to Part 1 No. 2- 4.
  • Turning chain does not count as a stitch unless mentioned otherwise
  • Special stitch – Paddle St (PSt) : Hdc, *Hdc (prev sk St, Sk 1, next St) together, Rep(*) (Step by step tutorial here)

Your body measurement:

  • Sizes: XS [S/ M/ L/ XL] [2XL/ 3XL/ 4XL/ 5XL]
  • Bust: 30 [34 /38/ 42/ 46] [50/ 54/ 58/ 62] in or  76 [86/ 96.5 /106.5/ 117] [127/ 137/ 147/ 158]  cm
  • These measurements are only estimates and are best to measure your work and body along the way.
  • If you are in-between sizes, size up or measure along
  • Abbreviation page available in English US format

* I am wearing size Medium in these pictures here for reference


Fun Crochet Sweater Dress Free Written Pattern

heather sweater dress
Heather Sweater Dress




PART 1: Back Panel

Working from side to side, measure the length from your shoulder down to mid-thigh and multiply by 3.5 Chs

ie: 30in x 3.5 = 105 chains. Measurements below are only estimates.

For ref I am 5’3” (160cm) and this Sweater Dress reaches above mid-thigh in size M.


1.   Foundation: Ch 91 [98/ 105/ 112/ 119] [126/ 133/ 140/ 147] + 1, turn

2.   Row 1: Dc each St across, Ch 1 turn

3.   Row 2 Paddle Stitch (PSt): Hdc, Hdc (1st St, Sk 1, 3rd St) together, *Hdc (prev sk St, Sk 1, next St) together, Rep(*) until the last St, Hdc on the last St, Ch 1 turn.

4.   Row 3: Rep Row 2

5.   Next Rows: Rep Row 1 – 3 for a total of 27 [31/ 35/ 39/ 43] [47/ 51/ 55/ 59] rows or until you have reached your pref width/size. Measurements above has a negative ease of -1in /  -2.5cm

6.   Bind off.


PART 2: Front Panel


Chain the same number of chains done for the back but less 10 Chains. The Front panel will be shorter than the Back panel


1.   Foundation Row: Ch 81 [88/ 95/ 102/ 109] [116/ 123/ 130/ 137] + 1, turn

2.   Row 1: Dc each St across, Ch 1 turn

3.   Row 2: PSt across, Ch 1 turn

4.   Row 3: Rep Row 2


5.   Next Rows: Rep Row 1 – 3 for a total 6 [8/ 10/ 10/ 12] [12/ 14/ 16/ 18] rows or until you have reached your pref strap vs neck width (see image below)

image 33

6.  Reduce Next Row: Place a SM on the 12 [14/ 14/ 14/ 14] [14/ 14/ 15/ 15]
St on the bottom of the prev row, Ch 1 turn and cont to PSt / DC until the SM.

(a) If you are on a DC row, DC2tog on the last 2 Sts
(b)If you are on a PSt row, omit the single Hdc St.

7.  Next Rows: Ch 1 turn, reduce the next St ref to (a) or (b), and cont
to St across, Ch 1 turn,

8.   Next Row: St across and reduce the last St ref to (a) or
(b), Ch 1 turn

9.    Next Rows: Rep Steps 7 & 8 for a total of 7 [7/ 7/ 9/ 9] [11/ 11/
11/ 11] rows , Ch 1 turn

10.  Next Row: Cont to St across (No reduce)

11.   Increase Next Row: Cont to St across until the last St,  then
ref to (c) or (d) below:

                (c) If you are on a DC row, 2DC on the last St
                (d) If you are on a PSt row, 2Hdc on the last worked St

12.   Next Rows: Cont to increase each row at the top/ neckline for a total
of 7 [7/ 7/ 9/ 9] [11/ 11/ 11/ 11] rows.

13.   Next Rows: On the last St, Ch 12 [14/ 14/ 14/ 14] [14/ 14/ 15/ 15],
Ch 1 turn

14.   Next Rows: Depending on what stitch you were working on the prev
row, rep Row 2 – 4 in the correct order for a total of 6 [8/ 10/ 10/ 12] [12/
14/ 16/ 18] rows 
or the same number of rows as the other

15.  Bind off.


PART 3: Sleeves

Using your 3.5mm hook

1.  Foundation Row: Ch 81[81/ 81/ 81/ 78] [79/ 79/ 79/ 77], Ch 1 turn

2.  Row 1: Sc 30, Place a SM on the last Sc St, Dc across, Ch 1 turn

3.  Row 2: PSt across until SM, Sc BLO ,Ch 1 turn

4.  Row 3: Sc BLO until SM, PSt across, Ch 1 turn,

5.  Next Rows: Rep Row 1 – 3 for a total of 26 [28/ 30/ 32/ 34][36/ 38/ 40/ 42] rows.

6.  Fold the sleeve in half lengthwise and Sc both sides together.

7.  Bind off and make a second sleeve


 PART 4: Seaming Sides


1.   Place the front and back panel together and prepare your SMs

2.   With your measuring tape, measure 6.5 [7 / 7.5/ 8 / 8.5] [9 / 9.5/ 10/ 10.5] in or 16.5 [17.8/ 19.1/ 20.3/ 21.6] [22.9/ 24.1/ 27.9/ 29.2] from the top strap down to mark your armhole. Place a SM, and rep on the other side.

3.   Next measure 3in/ 7.6cm from the bottom front panel to mark the side slit. Place a SM, and rep on the other side.

4.   With your 3.5mm hook, Sc both panels together starting with the straps, followed by the sides from SM to SM.

5.   Bind off



PART 5: Attaching Sleeves

1.   Turn sleeves RS out and place the sleeve
in between the front and back panel (WS), aligning the armhole together.

2.   Place SM to secure all sides in place and Sc
both pieces together in the round. Slst to close.

3.   Bind off and rep on the other side.


 image 38


PART 6: Finishing Neckline


1.   Place your 4.5mm hook along the neckline (RS), and Dc each St in the round.

2.   For the row side, space out each St evenly.

3.   Slst to close and bind off.

4.   Weave in all loose ends.



image 41




heather dress InPost Banner Ad.jpg


And you’re done! If you have any questions about this pattern, do check out the video tutorial or get in touch with me by dropping a comment below.

And don’t forget to tag me on Instagram and Facebook  @theknottylace, I would love to see your work!

If you are looking for the entire tools used to make this Heather Sweater Dress pattern, I’ve listed them all right here:



 Heather Crochet Sweater Dress / Oversized Sweater

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Happy hooking,
Shaz 🌺


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