Yarn Calculator – Calculate How Much Yarn You Actually Need 🧮🧶

Yarn Calculator - Calculate How Much Yarn You Actually Need 🧮🧶
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If you’re looking for a simple way to calculate the amount of yarn or skeins needed for a project, then look no further. I have the perfect tool that will help measure each stitch and more. 




A yarn calculator is a great tool that will save you time when purchasing yarns for your project. It will help give you an estimate of how much yardage you would need for any given project. It’s easy to use and it’ll save you numerous trips to the store or online (shopping!).

First up, you will need to know what you will be working on. Let’s say you wanted to make a summer tank top and you already have the written pattern for it. Most written patterns will provide you with the number of skeins required.

crochet patterns & yarn

However, let’s say you wanted to use a different yarn or hook size, or you wanted to make the length longer or wider, then this will change the gauge and amount of yarn required.

Alternatively, let’s say you wanted to make a blanket from scratch and do not have a written pattern for it, then you would need to calculate the number of skeins you would need for your project. This easy yarn calculator will be able to give you the estimated number of yardages and skein/s you would need.


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calculate yarn

First of all, select the measurement unit you prefer. Imperial (Yards & Inches) or Metrics (Meters & Grams).

Next, you would need to input the total Length per Skein. You can find this by checking the information on the label.

image 143

Once you have these two details, we will need to have already completed a swatch or a gauge for our project. Since it is strongly advisable to create a swatch before starting a project, you should already have one.

Or if you’re like me, you could also work up 10 stitches and 2 rows of the pattern called for like the image below. If your pattern calls for 2 rows of different stitches, then work up 2 rows of those stitches and count that as 1 row to frog (unravel).

image 144

Next, we will unravel/ frog/ pull 10 stitches from our row. Do this by holding on to the end of the yarn where the last stitch was made and pulling out those 10 stitches. 

Place a stitch marker on the last stitch (while still holding on to the yarn) and measure the length frogged from your fingertips to the stitch marker. (Tip: You could also slip a stitch marker through the yarn where your fingertips are)

image 145

Remember not to stretch or loosen the yarn when measuring or you will not get an accurate reading. Input the total length into the next column – Length of 10 Sts.

image 146

For the next column, key in the Number of Stitches required per row and the Number of Rows required per panel, piece, or item that you are making. Then include the Number of Panels, pieces, or items you will be making based on the same number of stitches and rows mentioned earlier. If it’s only 1 then key in 1.

Now let the calculator do the rest!

image 147

You will be able to see the Total Length in yards or meters for your project and the Number of Skeins/ balls/ yarns you will need.



* hover over the [ℹ️] tab for more information about each column.



I hope you have enjoyed using this Free Yarn Calculator today. And if all fails, here is a quick chart on how much yarn you would need for each project below, courtesy of Lion Brand.

Do note that the yardage is just an estimate and has been rounded up to account for the differences between a knit and a crochet item. But this should be able to give you a rough idea.

How Much Yarn do i need

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Thanks! and Happy hooking
Shaz 🌺


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