2 Simple and Easy ways to do the Magic Ring/ Magic Circle | 📺 Video Tutorial

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Let me show you two simple and easy ways how you can work up the Magic Ring or Magic Circle, which is not as complicated as you think.

The first option is what I call the 3 fingers approach, Unlike other tutorials where you would need to twist and turn your hand around the yarn. This step only requires the release of 2 fingers to work a knot.

The second step is not exactly a magic ring or a magic circle, LOL. But it is a great alternative to making stitches in the round. And super easy. All you need to start with is 2 chains.

Remember, crocheting is about having fun creating and not worrying about the small stuff.
Now, let’s get right into it. And If you prefer to watch the video tutorial instead, skip these steps and jump right on down


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Option 1 – The 3-Fingers Approach

image 52

First, take the yarn and wrap it around 3 fingers from the outside.

image 53

Then, remove your 2 bottom fingers and draw up a loop through the ring.

image 54

Next, use your right hand to hold on to the ring and loop, while you prepare your left hand with the working yarn.

image 55

Return the ring/ circle to your left hand and work a slip knot

image 56

Chain 1, and whatever stitch your work calls for, you will insert your hook through the ring to make your stitch.

image 57

You will be stitching around the tail as well. Once you have completed all the stitches you need, pull the tail to form a circle.

image 58

Insert your hook through the first stitch and slip stitch to close.


2 Ways to Work the Magic Ring Video Tutorial

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Option 2: The 2 Chains Method

image 59

Work a regular slip knot, but make sure that the loop is small and held tight

image 60

Work 2 chains

image 61

Work all your stitches through that first chain or the second chain from the hook. Do not pull your stitches too far through the chain otherwise, it will stretch.

image 62

Slip stitch through the first stitch to close.

image 63

This is a great alternative to the magic circle/ magic ring.

So there you go, two quick and easy ways to work up the magic ring. Let me know in the comments below which ways work best for you.



I hope this tutorial was helpful! Let me know if you have any other ideas you would like for me to share.


Happy Hooking
Shaz 🌺


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