How to Join Crochet Yarn Ends 🧶- 2 Unconventional Ways | 📺 Video Tutorial

2 easy ways on How to join yarn ends video tutorial
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Many novice crocheters seem to be searching for the finest techniques for connecting yarns. The Russian Join, the Magic Knot, the Slit Splice, and other techniques are just a few of the excellent examples that teach us how to connect two yarn ends.

They do produce a flawless finish, and I have no objections to it at all.

But as you may well know, I prefer a quicker and simpler process and although my approach may be a little unique, do we really have to abide by the rules? What rules exactly? LOL 😜

Option 1 – Pull Through New Yarn

Joining yarn ends using the “pull through new yarn” technique is a simple and effective way to continue crocheting without leaving any loose ends or knots along the row.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly join yarn ends without creating any knots or loose ends that might come undone later.

image 155

  1. Before you reach the end of the current yarn, stop stitching a few stitches before the end of the row or round.

image 156

2. Take the new yarn and with your hook still in the last stitch, pull through the new yarn through all loops. (this method would not work if you are working chains)

image 157

3. You should have your new yarn on your hook

image 158

4. Continue crocheting with the new yarn while working around the access tail. (Less ends to weave)

Two easy Ways to Join Yarn Ends Video Tutorial

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Option 2 – Knot It

I know a lot of people may not agree with this method, but let me tell you that it does work and it does stay hidden!

Back in the day when I used to make ready-made garments, this was my go-to method for joining yarns.

It may not work on thicker and heavier fibers, and it does not work on chains stitches, however, it does the job fast and easily. Why not give it a try?

image 159

  1. Before the yarn ends, pick up a new set of yarn and take both ends like this

image 160

2. And work a double yarn one-loop knot. Like a “slip knot” type of knot. Pull both yarn ends through the loop.

image 164

3. Pull both ends tightly to secure and cut off the access tail as close as possible to the knot.

image 165

4. Crochet as usual. The knot will stay hidden in between stitches. (I promise)

This option is the fastest and my most preferred choice of all time. And no one would even have to know 😎

But of course, there are plenty of other methods out there, which you can choose from. Everyone has their own favorite style!

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I hope this tutorial was helpful! Let me know if you have any other ideas you would like for me to share.


Happy hooking
Shaz 🧶


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