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crochet string bikini bottom Mykonos
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If you’re already on my mailing list, then you would have already gotten a glimpse of this cheeky string bikini bottom that was paired with the Mykonos Bralette Crop Top pattern email that was sent out the week before. 

And as promised, I would be sharing the free pattern here which is not only cute and easy but also super quick to make. Here is the Mykonos String Bikini Bottom pattern for all sizes and can be made in under 2 hours!

This pattern tutorial is also available on my YouTube channel where it is worked up in size M. However, If you would like a printable ad-free PDF copy of this pattern which comes with fully guided images, it is available for purchase in my shop, or add this to your Ravelry queue for later.

mykonos string bikini bottom

Make it Cheeky or Brazilian



Missing my travels to Greece and its beautiful coastal views inspired me to make this combo! (Check out the matching top here). And if you’ve ever been to Mykonos, you will know that it is all shades of blue and white! And have you seen their beaches too?!

mykonos bikini bottom


So if you’re looking for a cute and easy bikini set to make this Summer, then look no further cause I have you covered!

And remember to always use the right type of yarn for swimwear to extend the comfort of wear and most importantly so that it does not sag or carry water weight. 


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Supporting Size-Inclusive



mykonos bikini bottom


This bottom is worked up in one piece using half double, double, and front and back post double crochet stitches. The front and back panels are made symmetrically to offer that cheeky look. However, if you’d prefer more coverage, a shorter crotch length is all you need to adjust. 

Rubber bands are then added to the sides which is absolutely necessary to offer structure, and then the ties are added separately by weaving through the post stitches.

This bikini bottom is easily adjustable and customizable to fit perfectly when measured along. And if you ARE measuring along, see how much yarn you actually need with our yarn calculator here.


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Yarn weight: DK Category 3
Brand: Cascade Fixation
Color: White (#8001), Light Blue (#2137), Dark Blue (#2501)
Hook: 2.25mm
Gauge: 24 Hdc Sts x 16 rows = 4”x 4”
No. yarns (balls)XS[S/M/L/XL] [2XL/3XL/4XL/5XL] –1 [1/ 1/ 1/ 1.5] [1.5/ 2/ 2/ 2]
Tools: tapestry needlemeasuring tapescissorsstitch markersrubber band, needle and thread

Skill: Easy

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Things to Note:

§  Prepare gauge to get the right size. You may need to adjust your tension or change hook size to obtain the right gauge.

§  Do note this bottom is stretchable when using mentioned yarn

§  Turning chain does not count as a stitch unless mentioned otherwise

§  Yarn color reference: W for White, LB for Light Blue, DB for Dark Blue

§  Check out the Video tutorial here    


Your hip size: XS [S/ M/ L/ XL] [2XL/ 3XL/ 4XL/ 5XL] – 32 [34/ 36/ 40/ 44] [48/ 53/ 55/ 57/ 62] inches or 86 [91.5/ 101.5/ 111.5/ 122] [134.5/ 139.5/ 144.5/ 157] cm (size up if you are in between sizes)

§  Hip size refers to the circumference of the widest part of your bum area and not the actual finished garment. 

§  Refer to the measurement chart here

§  Abbreviation page available in English US format 

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Mykonos Crochet String Bikini Bottom Pattern



crochet string bikini bottom Mykonos




PART 1: Front to Crotch to Back


Starting with the DB Yarn

1.    Foundation Row: Ch 37 [39/ 41/ 43/ 45] [47/ 49/ 51/ 53] + Ch 1, turn

2.    Row 1: From the 2nd Ch from hook, work a Dc St across. On the last St, Pt W yarn to close, Ch 1 turn .

Do not bind off DB yarn. Bring access yarn and work around the tail to reduce weaving in ends. 

3.    Row 2: Work 1 Dc on the 1st St, 1 FpDc on the next. Rep (Dc, FpDc) across. On the last St, Pt LB yarn to close, Ch 1 turn and Bind off

4.    Row 3: Hdc2tog, Hdc across until the last 3rd St, Hdc2tog (Pt DB yarn to close), Ch 1 turn and Bind off

5.    Row 4: Hdc2tog, Hdc across until the last 3rd St. Hdc2tog, Ch 1 turn

6.    Row 5: Rep Row 4 for 13 [14/ 15/ 16/ 17] [17/ 18/ 19/ 20] total dec rows. You should have 13 [13/ 13/ 13/ 13] [15/ 15/ 15/ 15] Sts remain.

7.    Next Row (Crotch): Hdc same number of Sts across for 16 [14/ 15/ 16/ 17] [20/ 21/ 22/ 23] rows. Ch 1 turn

8.    Next Row: Work 2Hdc in the 1st St, Hdc across until the 2nd last St, 2Hdc. Ch 1 turn

9.    Next Rows: Repeat step 7 increase for 13 [14/ 15/ 16/ 17] [17/ 18/ 19/ 20] total dec rows. On the last row, switch to the LB yarn on the last St.

10.Last 3 rows: Hdc2tog, Hdc across until the last 3rd St, Hdc2tog (Pt W yarn to close), Ch 1 turn and Bind off

11.Last 2 rows: Work 1 Dc on the 1st St, 1 BpDc on the next. Rep (Dc, BpDc) across. On the last St, Pt BB yarn to close, Ch 1 turn and Bind off

12.Last Row: Dc each St across. Do not bind off.

mykonos string bikini bottom


PART 2: Adding Rubber Bands


1.    From the last St, turn to the Row side and place your rubber band between your working yarn and loop, work 1 Ch.

mykonos string bikini bottom

2.    Work 2Sc Sts on each row across. Bind off

3.    Pull rubber band so that it lays flat along the side.

Note: Rubberband should not be bunched up or stretched outwards.

4.    Tie a knot on both ends and snip off the access rubber band

5.    Insert hook on the other side and rep Step 2 – 4.

6.    With a needle and thread, sew the ends of the rubber band onto the side of the bikini to ensure that it stays secure and in place.


Best to use a round-face elastic rubber band like this 


PART 3: Ties


1.    With both hands, pull 2 arm’s lengths worth of yarn 3 times for XS – L and 4 times for XL – 5XL

measure ties
Check out the tutorial here

2.    Fold by dragging more yarn along the pulled yarn.

3.    Cut yarn and tie a slip knot.

4.    Work up double yarn chains until the end.

5.    Make a second tie.

6.    Insert hook under and weave through each FpDc St.

mykonos bikini bottom

Note: You can start in the middle and rep at the end if you have a shorter hook.

7.    Pull chain tie through.

8.    Rep on the other side.

9.    Tie a knot at the ends of each tie and snip off access.

10.    Weave in all loose ends.




If you are looking for the entire tool used to make this Mykonos Crochet String Bikini Bottom pattern, check them out here below:

♥ 2.25 mm Clover Amour Crochet Hook

♥ Cascade Fixation Yarn

♥ Elastic rubber band

♥ Mykonos String Bikini Bottom Pdf Pattern file (Filled with guided pictures)



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Happy hooking
Shaz 🌺



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