What is the difference between Paid versus Free Crochet Patterns?

What is the difference between Paid versus Free Crochet Patterns conpress
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Have you ever wondered why some crochet designers are offering free crochet patterns on their blogs AND paid crochet patterns at the same time? Do you ever wonder if there is a difference?

Lets take a closer look at why some patterns are free and why it’s actually better to buy the paid version.

Why are some crochet patterns free?

Most crochet designers with a blog like mine usually offer (but not always) a free written pattern with all the specks and details together with a paid version of the pattern. So why should I pay for the $$ pattern when I can get it FOC?

Well, if you have ever bought the paid version, you WILL be able to see a BIG difference. Wanna make a quick guess of what that is?

crochet fall winter tops

ADVERTISEMENT! I know we all hate pop-ups and annoying ads in between row 5 and row 6… (I am guilty of that!).

So the reason why there are always so many ads on every blog / free patterns/ Video etc.. is so that the designer is able to supplement his/her time spent on offering those free patterns by earning some pennies here and there by you “looking” at those pop-ups .

                                                     <Place Ad here  😊>

Another reason why some crochet patterns are free is that designers want you to trust their work before buying their patterns. What this means is, that you get a sneak peek into what the paid version is like.

For example, you get to see the way they explain the pattern or the way the pattern is written. And if you are confident that this pattern is worth paying for, you will most likely buy their pattern.

Oh and by the way, here are some free crochet patterns you might like for any occasion:

Here is my latest video:

… incase you missed it

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Why should I pay when it's already Free?

paid vs free pattern

Just like any well-written pattern, it is always much clearer to see what the instruction is saying when it is accompanied by pictures and charts. However, the free pattern on the blog might leave you to your own imagination. 

Some designers might only include their notes and information on how to create their pattern and sometimes leave out, if not all, most of the pictures, images/ diagrams/ charts, etc.

Although some designers do provide a full video tutorial on their blog and on their YouTube channel, so the deal is still sweet and not that bad after all.

paid vs free pattern

Another thing I would like to point out is customer service support. For this, I speak only for myself, but could and may apply to other designers as well. 

There is NO customer service for free patterns my friends. I do however offer my feedback, my ideas, and suggestions via email or in the comment section, but that’s pretty much it, LOL. 

That’s probably because I am helping paid customers right now (hint hint). No hard feelings yeah?! 🙈

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Tired of Scrolling?

Summer top printable pdf file

You will see a lot of reminders, telling you to go grab the paid pattern in many different shapes and forms, like this banner up here, or in between row 10 & 11 at the top of the page and at the bottom of the page, and probably another 50 more times in between.

Well, that’s just our way of saying “hey! if you like this pattern so much then go grab the ad-free, printer-friendly pattern already!”. I’m just kidding… or am i? 😅

crochet patterns & yarn

Before I sign off, for every pattern be it free or paid is available for your personal use. There is always a disclaimer stating not to copy, share, alter, adjust or resell any of the written patterns for your own profit. You are, however, welcome to sell ready-made products with the caveat that you mention the designer’s name on any marketing materials. 

Last but not least, if we haven’t yet followed each other on social media, my account handle is @theknottylace on InstagramFacebook, as well as on YouTube. And if you have made any of my designs, don’t forget to tag me in them! I would love to see your work!

Happy hooking,
Shaz 🌺

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to sell ready-made products using my pattern(s), please do give credit mention
to The Knotty Lace. Thank you.



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