Crochet Motivation: How To Get Your Cro-Jo Back

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Are you experiencing a crochet slump? Not feeling as motivated as when you first started that project? I feel you because I’ve been there – A lot!

We all have those moments when our crochet hook seem to lose it’s magic, and our once-exciting projects now feels like a chore 😥 .

But guess what!  I’ll be sharing with you practical tips and goals to reignite your passion for crocheting.

It’s all about breaking down those overwhelming patterns into bite-sized tasks and adding a sprinkle of personal flair to make your projects uniquely you. 

Setting achievable goals, celebrating even the tiniest wins, and connecting with fellow crochet enthusiasts is the way to go.

Let’s make those crochet slumps a thing of the past and get excited and motivated, one stitch at a time.

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A Quick Check List to Stay Motivated

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☑️🔍 Reflect on what’s dampening your crochet mojo. Identify challenges and tackle them head-on to reignite your passion! 

☑️ 🤗 Dive into your crochet community’s support. Connect, share, and lift each other up! Together, we’ll overcome the slump! 

☑️ ☕ Tune in to your body’s signals. Take breaks guilt-free. Refreshed, you’ll return to crochet with new energy! 

☑️ 🌼 Seek inspiration everywhere – nature, art, life. Let fresh ideas fuel your crochet creativity! 

☑️🌟 Discover that one pattern that sparks joy! Excitement will rush back as you start crafting! 

☑️🧶 Shake things up! Switch yarn weight, brand, or fiber. A new texture can reignite your crochet fire! 

☑️✨ Accessorize your projects for a fresh twist. Adding unique elements can renew your crafting spirit!

☑️ 📚Learn a new technique, and expand your skills. Mastery brings confidence and rekindles enthusiasm! Watch some of our Crochet Stitch Ideas Video Tutorial here

☑️👗 Stitch up a garment to wear with pride. Crafting something wearable adds a rewarding twist to your journey! Look no further, check out our free patterns here. 

☑️🔄 Shift gears with a different project – learn how to do planned pooling, make pompoms, or an upcycled beach bag. Variety sparks renewed passion! 

☑️🕒 Reclaim your crochet rhythm. Set a dedicated time and cozy space. Consistency and comfort lead to joy! 

☑️ 🌈 Remember, it’s okay to pause. Balance life and crochet. Moments away can refresh your crochet spirit! 

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Reasons Why You Might Be Struggling with Crochet

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1. Not understanding the pattern or instructions:


Crocheting begins with deciphering patterns, and if they’re a puzzle, it’s easy to lose motivation. Not comprehending the terms, abbreviations, or symbols can lead to frustration. 

Remember, you’re not alone! Seek online tutorials or discuss your concerns with the pattern designer to break down complex instructions. Take it step by step.


2. Using the wrong crochet hook size or yarn weight:


Your hook and yarn are a dynamic duo that determines the final look and feel of your creation. Using the wrong size can lead to mismatched proportions or uncomfortable textures. 

If your stitches are too tight or too loose, always create a good habit of making swatches to ensure you’ve got the perfect match. 

Remember, experimenting is part of the fun – and it’s okay to switch things up to find your ideal combo.

3. Lack of experience


Just like any skill, crochet takes time to master. If you’re a beginner, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. Impatience can cloud your motivation as you compare your work to more experienced crafters. 

Instead, celebrate your progress! Start with simpler patterns, gradually challenging yourself. Seek guidance from crochet communities to build confidence. 

4. Poor tension control


Tension control is the heartbeat of crochet. Inconsistent tension can lead to uneven stitches and an unsatisfactory outcome. 

When stitches don’t align, motivation can wane. Solution? Practice, practice, practice! Experiment with different holds and find what’s comfortable for you. 

Take breaks if your hands get tired, and over time, your tension will naturally improve. More on how to prevent hand and wrist pain here.

5. Not knowing basic stitches


Foundational stitches form the backbone of your crochet projects. If you’re unsure about basic stitches like chains, single crochet, double crochet, or slip stitch, even simple patterns can seem intimidating. 

Boost your motivation by starting with beginner-friendly patterns and tutorials that emphasize these essentials.

With each stitch you conquer, you’re building a strong foundation for more complex projects. Remember, every expert was once a beginner – embrace the process and enjoy the ride!

Let’s Set S.M.A.R.T Goals

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Be S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound)


1. Be Specific:** Define exactly what you want to achieve in crochet. For example, instead of a vague goal like “make a sweater,” specify “crochet a lightweight pullover hoodie sweater with pockets.”

2. Be Measurable:** Make your goals quantifiable. Decide how many rows or stitches you’ll complete, or how much time you’ll spend crocheting each day or week. Consider using this yarn calculator that might help.

3. Be Achievable:** Ensure your goals are realistic. Consider your current skill level and the time you can devote to crochet. Setting goals that are too ambitious can lead to frustration.

4. Be Relevant:** Make sure your crochet goals align with your overall crochet interests and aspirations. They should contribute to your growth and enjoyment.

5. Be Time-bound:** Set a deadline for your crochet goals. Having a timeframe creates a sense of urgency and helps you stay focused. For example, “Complete the hoodie sweater by the end of the month.” – Use this free WIP Crochet Tag to write down your timeframe

Creating a crochet vision board:


A crochet vision board is a visual tool to help you see your goals better. To make one, find pictures or images related to your crochet aspirations. 

It could be a pattern you want to complete, yarn colors you’d like to use, or crochet techniques you want to master. 

Paste these images on a board or a digital space where you can see them regularly. Your vision board will serve as a constant reminder of what you’re working towards.

Staying Organize

wip tags flat lay


I don’t know about you, but when it comes to staying organized that’s just one thing I struggle with while trying to be creative. 

However, I discovered that when I know where things are and they look neat and orderly, it makes me feel less stressed and it makes me feel like I can manage each project more efficiently. 

Having said that, the one thing that has helped me a lot is this WIP Crochet Tag. This crochet tag is basically a list of all your tools and notes about any project. 

Attach them to all your WIPs and current projects for easy reference. Plus It’s free to download here and you can print them as many times as you’d like.  

I hope this article was helpful to you or maybe to someone you may know. Here are some other related topics you might also like:

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Happy hooking,

Shaz 🌺


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