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Discover warmth and style with our free crochet sweater and cardigan patterns. From modern to trendy, these designs cater to all skill levels, offering a cozy solution for you to make this Fall and Winter.

Finding the perfect pattern is the best way to start. With a few skeins of yarn and the right yarn weight, you can create a simple sweater or a friendly cardigan to keep you warm and cozy. 

As fall paints the leaves and the air turns crisp, what better way to embrace the season than by snuggling into your own handmade crochet sweater or cardigan?

Whever you are in your crochet journey, this great free crochet pattern lineup will help you find the perfect design to craft your own cozy companion. Perfect for beginner crocheters and those seeking new challenges.

Every crochet pattern comes in all sizes ranging from size XS – 5XL because making an all-size-inclusive design is important to me. Plus they are all easily adjustable too.

If you are more of a visual person, I also have all these patterns in my Video tutorials that you can watch on my YouTube channel instead.

And if hard copies and printables are your thing, then head over to my Pattern Store where all patterns are reasonably priced with no distracting advertisements and plenty of guided images.

You can also purchase them from my Etsy Shop or just save them to your Ravelry queue for later.

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Crochet Sweater and Cardigan Preparation

Before starting any new project, it is important to understand how the pattern is written. Is it worked from the bottom up, a yoke pattern perhaps? Is it a raglan sleeve, or just simple large squares? Knowing this in advance will help in determining if this style is actually what you are looking for and able to do.

This also includes checking the gauge, number of skeins or total yardage, abbreviations whether it is in US/UK terminology, and assembly instructions.

All free crochet sweater patterns in this list will include these necessary details. And if you are unsure or have questions, always feel free to ask the designer for clarification.


Crochet Supplies


Always ensure that you have the recommended yarn weight, crochet hook size, stitch markers, and any other specified notions.

It is highly recommended to prepare a gauge swatch with the recommended yarn and hook size. This is a great way to ensure your finished crochet sweater or cardigan goes as planned. 

Adjust your crochet hook size or tension if needed. This step-by-step checklist will guarantee a smooth start when making and preparing your crochet sweaters.


What are the Basic Stitches

If you have already mastered the three basic stitches which are the single crochet (Sc), half double crochet (Hdc) and double crochet (Dc), you’ll be ready to tackle any crochet sweater pattern in no time.

Look for easy crochet sweater patterns that come with simple construction and minimal shaping which is a great place to start for beginners.

For example, a basic sweater with double crochet stitches in a simple rectangle shape is a great pattern to tackle. The minimal seaming involved makes it an ideal project for beginners.

Intermediate crocheters may want to explore a collection of patterns that offer a variety of styles, from cowl necks to raglan sleeves, with minimal seaming required.

And if granny squares are your preferred choice, mastering the magic ring or magic circle is a great way to start any crochet square. Assembling each square will make for an excellent oversized sweater or cardigan with simple shapes and basic crochet stitches. 


Sweater Weather Yarn

Finding a balance between a quick crochet pattern using Bulky yarn versus a slower-paced pattern using lighter-weight yarn is equally important.

Although thicker yarn works up fast and creates a delightfully chunky sweater, it might end up too heavy or stiff while for your liking. Even though lighter-weight yarns may offer a breathable and drapier option but may also take a longer time to complete.

Just find the right balance between those two and you should be on your way to the perfect crochet garment in no time. 

Sometimes adding a different type of simple stitch to a pattern can change the entire look and feel. For example, a simple crocheted sweater with a row of slip stitches or using the back loop stitch for that extra texture can add a unique touch to your creation.

Experimenting with different yarn colors and weights opens up endless possibilities, allowing you to craft a new sweater for every occasion.

The best part of crocheting your own sweater is the satisfaction of seeing your garment come together. Whether it’s your first garment or a big project, the process of creating something with your own hands is truly rewarding.

So, gather your materials, find the perfect pattern, and embrace the warmth and joy that comes with crafting your very own, cozy, handmade sweaters.


Cozy and Warm Fall / Winter Free Crochet Patterns

Cozy Hoodie Crochet Sweatshirt with pockets

cozy hoodie sweater


This cozy snuggly crochet hoodie sweatshirt is my favorite sweater to wear because it is guaranteed to keep me warm all day long.

Using the feather stitch, It comes with hidden pockets, a thumbhole and has a nice full hoodie. This pattern is size inclusive from size XS – 5XL and is easily adjustable. 

Unisex Crochet Pullover (2T - Adult 5XL)

unisex crochet sweater pullover


I love crochet sweater patterns that the whole family can wear. This unisex pullover pattern will work great as a gift or as a match-y outfit for the whole clan.

It also comes with a high-neck collar, that will keep your neck nice and warm. This pattern comes in 17 sizes from ages 2 years old all the way up to adults 5XL.

Off Shoulder Crochet Sweater Dress

val sweater dress1


Warm crochet garments do not necessarily have to cover your whole body, am I right? So here is my off-shoulder dress or oversized crochet sweater that is fun and easy to make.

This pattern uses the planned pooling method and comes in 3 length sizes that can be easily adjustable in width. Perfect for any size!

Knit-Like crochet Headband / Ear warmer

Crochet Knit Like Sweater

The knit-like stitches not only added a touch of texture but also made the sweater look like it took hours of intricate work, despite it being a quick and easy project.

Using basic stitches, simple construction, and a soft, cozy finish, this sweater is perfect for all-day wear.

Button Up Crochet Cardigan with Inner

Button Up crochet Cardi


Soft and Drapey is my thing, and this crochet cardigan is all that and more. Beautifully textured using Alpine Stitches and finished off with pretty floral wooden buttons.

This pattern is size inclusive and comes with inner pockets if needed.

Watch The Video Tutorials Here

If you would like to see more video tutorials like this you can check them out here on the blog or Subscribe to my Video Channel on YouTube.

Argyle Crochet Cardigan Jacket

Argyle Cardigan


If you haven’t tried planned pooling yet then today might be your lucky day. This free crochet cardigan jacket pattern comes with a full written and video tutorial on how to do planned pooling.

This pattern also comes in 9 sizes and is made with perfect squares and rectangles using the half-double crochet stitch.

Long Crochet Sweater / Sweater Dress

heather sweater dress


This snug crochet sweater with a V-neckline is the perfect top when paired with leggings or just worn as a sweater dress. 

Using the paddle stitch, the outcome is a warm and textured sweater that is also size inclusive from size XS – 5XL and is easily adjustable. 

Oversize Crochet Cardigan with Pockets + thumbholes

crochet cardigan


This is was I call the everyday cardigan that checks all the boxes. It’s long and baggy, light and drapey, it comes with deep pockets and long cuffs that are accompanied by thumbholes. Oh, and did I forget to mention is also comes with a hoodie?

This crochet pattern uses the pretty Suzette Stitch and comes in all size-inclusive from size XS – 5XL and is easily customizable.

Off Shoulder Crochet Sweater

off shoulder sweater


Here is a pretty crochet top you can make for that special occasion. This soft off-shoulder sweater will keep you warm, and that’s a promise.

With simple Herringbone Stitches, this top is worked up in 9 sizes for all. 

Crochet Cocktail Dress

Cocktail Dress4


If you’re looking for a warm and event-appropriate crochet dress, then this is the piece for you. It’s warm and shimmery in all the right places. (I’m thinking Christmas or New Years perhaps?)

This crochet dress pattern comes in all 9 sizes and is easily adjustable – make it longer or shorter, fitter or looser, the choice is yours.


All these crochet patterns come Advertisement Free with a full step-by-step picture-guided PDF file and a video tutorial to guide you throughout the entire process. 

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Happy hooking,
Shaz 🌺

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