How to Crochet The Perfect Bikini Bottom Done the Right Way – For All Sizes

how to crochet a bikini bottom perfectly

Welcome, beach babes and crochet enthusiasts! Today we will be talking about how to make the best crochet bikini bottom that fits like a dream, without any pinching or sagging.

I will also be sharing some great tips on achieving the perfect fit and some invaluable tips on what not to do! Say goodbye to ill-fitting bikini bottoms that leave you feeling less than fabulous.

Get ready to rock a bikini bottom that’s handmade by YOU, FOR YOU this bikini season. 

Understanding Different Body Shapes


It is notable that not everyone’s body type fits into one category. I know this because I am always trying to find my size between a Small and a Medium and it is always a guessing game which can be quite frustrating at times.

Measurement guides are a great reference tool when selecting your size however, choosing the right size does not always guarantee the perfect fit. 

measurement chart

This is where the customization comes in.

How to customize patterns to suit different figures

When writing a pattern, it is not always easy to come up with all 9 sizes ranging from XS – 5XL that will truly fit. This can be somewhat hard to do. 

But for all my crochet bikini bottom patterns, the most important thing that I will always pay attention to is the waistband, ensuring you get the best fit.

candy twist bikini bottom
Bikini Bottoms Should Stretch

The thing I see a lot in crochet bottoms is that it does not have enough stretch to it. If done correctly, you should be able to stretch the band outwards with room to spare and it should retract back to its original shape without being deformed or enlarged.

The front and back cut and style are also very subjective, which is why I have this guide for you to customize your own bikini bottom to your liking. 

Choosing the Right Bikini Bottom Style for Each Body Shape

Marilyn High Waist Bottom
Marilyn High Waist Bottom

Some styles may flatter more than others. For example, high-waist bikinis are best suited for taller ladies and low-cut bikinis are more apt if you’re on the shorter side.

This is not carved in stone or anything but the rationale behind it is if you are not very tall and by wearing a high-waist bikini bottom, this will only draw attention to your waistline cutting your body length in half while emphasizing your height. Vise versa on the lower-cut bottoms if you are taller, this will however make your torso appear longer (it could be a good thing or not).

Alternatively, if you have a small waistline, a high waist bikini bottom will compliment this. A cheeky cut or Brazilian may be better for someone with a smaller, rounder, or more toner bottom as there will be a lot of bum to be shown 😉.

There are so many styles to choose from, let’s take a look.

crochet bottom styles

The Front Side


Crochet Arielle Bralette Bikini_Set
Arielle High Waist Bikini Bottom

Triangle Bottoms
– Also known as the Tanga Bottom, this style is smaller and much narrower than the standard bikini bottom and looks like a triangle hence the name.

Standard Bottoms– This is the standard bikini bottom style which has enough coverage on the front and on the sides.

Hipster Bottoms– Much like the Tanga, this is a lower cut bottom but with wider side bands

Boy Shorts – This style is a wider version of the Hipster but with more coverage along the thighs and hips.

High waist Bottoms – The high waist bikini bottom is basically a taller version of the standard bikini bottom which usually sits at the waist.

The Back Side

gaia brazilian bikini bottom
Gaia Brazilian Bottom Free Crochet Bikini Pattern

Thong– The Thong bikini typically consists of a narrow strip of fabric that forms a “T” shape at the back of the bikini and the string or a thin strap connecting the waistband at the front. It is also sometimes referred to as a G String, T-back, or V-string. 

Brazilian – A Brazilian and a String bikini are not the same as many people would think. Let’s just say a Brazilian Bottom has better support in comparison. Instead of just consisting of a thin T shape strap, a Brazilian bottom should have a slightly wider back, emphasizing more material around the back panel.

Cheeky – Cheeky bikini bottoms are basically a narrower version of the standard bikini bottom.  Tip: Did You Know that the front and back are identical in size?

Standard – The Standard bikini bottom should be 1- 2 inches wider than the front on both sides. It should be able to provide enough coverage covering at least half a cheek on both sides. 

Maxi – The maxi sometimes called the Granny Undies has a much wider back that offers full coverage and support

candy twist bikini set
Candy Twist bottom with its Matching Bikini Set

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Watch the Video Tutorial

Watch how I make the Desert Cheeky Bikini bottom Video Tutorial here. Or you also check out these other video tutorial playlists on other crochet bikini bottoms in different styles.  

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Tips for Achieving the Best Fit:

We’re about to spill the beans on some top-notch tips for nailing the perfect fit. From measuring accurately to adjusting stitch counts and incorporating elastic bands, we’ve got you covered. 

Things you need to do first:

how to measure around the hips
The Right & Wrong Way of Measuring around the Hip


It’s important to highlight some of the common pitfalls which we should avoid. 

Measure around your widest hip aka around your bum area. Often times I see people measure along their hip bone which will give you a much smaller hip circumference when making your final crochet bottom. 

How to measure:


1. With a tape measure, and if you can do it in front of a full-body mirror, find the widest part of your bottom and measure around starting from the number “0” on your measuring tape. 

2. It is best to only be wearing your underwear (and not jeans or baggy sweatpants) when measuring otherwise your measurements will not be accurate.

3. The tape should be snug but not too tight or too loose.

4. Mark down your hip measurement

5. Next place the tape measure along your crotch ideally from the back to the front so you can see your final measurements

6. Use your underwear as a guide as to how high or low you would like your bikini bottom to be.

7. Adjust in front of the mirror to be sure and mark your measurements. 

8. Compare your measurements to a favorite underwear or swimming bottom to see if your bikini height matches.

Essential Tools and Materials

high waist crochet bikini bottom free pattern & Video
Tools Needed

1. Selecting suitable yarns for bikini bottoms


Elasticity is key! Crochet bikini yarns need to have stretch in them. These are basically yarn with a blend of synthetic materials such as spandex or polyamide together with cotton or acrylic fibers. They offer high-quality elasticity perfect for crochet bikinis and swimsuits. 

I personally prefer to use Cascade Fixation Yarn which is a  cotton yarn with spandex. I have written a lot about this in detail in The Best Yarns for crochet bikinis as well as Frequently Asked Questions about Crochet bikinis page.  Go check them out! 

2. Crochet hooks and their Sizes

A small crochet hook size is the only way to prevent gaps from happening. From a 1.5 mm to a 2.5 mm crochet hook would be the best size range that I would recommend depending of course on the yarn weight that you are using. Clover has some really nice ergonomic hooks you can go check out.

3. Additional materials required for crocheting swimwear

Rubber Band is a crucial part in ensuring your bikini stays put and maintains its shape. This should be applied around the waistband and along the leg opening.

Linings are not mandatory but this can vary for each individual. All my designs do not have linings in them and they are perfectly fine and “safe”. But this very much depends on your stitch and gaps if any on your final bottom. 

Beads and other embellishments are optional and not necessary.  But they can add a touch of fun and whimsy to your final project. The choice is endless.


4. Choosing the Right Pattern


Explore different crochet patterns and styles for your bikini bottom project. Try several patterns from different designers and see which ones suit your style and preference.

Other factors to consider when selecting a pattern are the complexity and different size range. Whatever your skill level is whether you are a beginner or an advanced crocheter, always start with an easy crochet bikini pattern or a basic bikini pattern first when trying to make a crochet bikini bottom for the first time.

Here are some free bikini bottom patterns which you might like to have a look at.

If you would like to download an Ad Free printable PDF pattern instead, you can get them from the Pattern Store here. Or just check-out via my Etsy Shop or save them to your Ravelry queue for later.

sahara bikini set
Sahara Bikini Set Free Crochet Pattern


How to Adapt a Pattern for Customization

mykonos string bikini bottom

If you see a pattern you love but would like to tweak a little here and there, let me share with you some tips and tricks.

  1. If you want the front to be longer add more stitches to the top of the band
  2. If you want the back to be cheekier increase the crotch length.
  3. If you want the back to be wider, increase immediately at the fold
  4. If you want great elasticity, always add an elastic rubber band to the waistline and leg opening
  5. If you want the waist band to be stretchy, add 2in / 5cm to your hip measurement before starting your project.
  6. Last but not least don’t be afraid to ask the designer for help.


arielle bikini bottom

1. Can I use different yarn weights for crocheting a bikini bottom? – The best weight would ideally be below any Category 3. That would be from a fingering weight yarn to a DK Weight or Sports Weight yarn.

2. How do I choose the right size for my bikini bottom? – Always measure around the widest circumference of your hips.

3. What if I want to make adjustments to the pattern? – Contact the designer for help, they should be able to offer their suggestions.

4. Are there any specific stitches that work best for a crochet bathing suit?  – Basic stitches like the Single Crochet stitches and Half Double Crochet stitches work the best. Anything more than this will create large gaps making your crochet bathing suit or bikini bottom see- through.

5. Can I sell the crochet bikini bottoms I made using someone else’s pattern? – Yes you can most definitely make and sell a finished crochet bottom when using a designer’s pattern. Just don’t forget to mention them in your listing (if sold online) where the pattern originally came from. 

As mentioned earlier, here are The Best Yarns for crochet bikinis to look for and more questions answered in the Frequently Asked Questions about Crochet bikinis page.  Go have a look.

Crochet Bralette Arielle Bikini Set 33
Arielle Bikini Set with Matching Crochet Top

And that’s a wrap. If you have any questions do get in touch with me by dropping a comment below.

If you’re on social media, don’t forget to tag me @theknottylace, I would love to see your work!

Happy hooking,
Shaz 🧶

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