Free Crochet Crop Top & Tank Top Patterns

free crochet tank tops and crop top patterns

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Get ready for the summer months in style by making your very own crochet crop top or crochet tank top with these free patterns made for all sizes in mind. 

Never made a crochet top before? If you’re new to crocheting tops be it a crochet tank, crochet halter top, or a crochet crop top, don’t worry cause I’ve got you covered.
Depending on your skill level, each pattern is either a beginner-friendly pattern or will come with a step-by-step video tutorial that will guide you through the process, ensuring that you achieve stunning results every time.  
And speaking of videos, I’ve already curated a playlist compilation of beautiful crochet summer tops for your viewing pleasure.
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All these free written patterns are also available as printable hard copies which you can find in my pattern store. They are inexpensive and loaded with plenty of guided images without the advertisement.

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How to Get The Perfect Fit 👏 Every-Time 👏?


Achieving the perfect fit for any crochet top requires thorough planning before execution. So pre-crocheting is just as important. Here are some tips to help you achieve your desired fit:

how to measure around the hips

1. Measurements:  Everyone’s body type is unique, hence it is best to take your own body measurements to get the best fit. This includes bust, waist, and hip measurements, as well as the length from your shoulder to the desired hemline.

Compare these measurements to the pattern’s sizing chart to determine which size will fit you the best. Alternatively, if you are a more advanced crocheter, you can adjust the pattern as you go. 

2. Gauge swatch: This is a very important step a lot of people tend to avoid (I’m guilty of this too!). 

Have you ever come across a pattern where your final outcome did not match the written pattern, even if you did use the recommended yarn brand and hook size? Yes, this can happen because everybody’s way of crocheting is different. You just get different tensions.

By crocheting a gauge swatch you will be able to see how near or far your gauge is compared to the pattern’s gauge and will then be able to adjust your tension or hook size if needed to achieve the correct or closest possible gauge. 

If you have never made a gauge swatch before, or don’t know how to, then you’ll have to check out this easy step-by-step gauge tutorial. It also includes an easy-to-use free Gauge Calculator!

how to measure your crochet gauge

3. Customization: Once you have achieved the correct gauge, you can now proceed to work on the pattern. If you fall between sizes or have specific fit preferences, consider adjusting the pattern accordingly.

You can always modify the number of stitches or rows to accommodate the length or width for your measurements.

For example, you may need to increase or decrease stitches at the bust, waist, or hips to achieve a more tailored fit.

When you modify the size from the original pattern, you can always check to see how much yardage or skeins of yarn you would need for the final project with this free Yarn Calculator

4. Try-as-you-go: As you work on your crochet tops, periodically try it on to check the fit. This will allow you to make adjustments along the way without having to frog the entire project.

Pay attention to how it sits on your body and ensure it is not too tight or too loose in specific areas.

If you would like to learn in more detail how to make your own handmade crop top, you can check out these 3 tips I’ve listed here.

What Yarn Should I Use?



When choosing the best yarn for summer crochet crop tops or tank tops, it’s important to consider fibers that are lightweight, breathable, and suitable for warmer weather. Another thing to also consider is the yarn weight. This should ideally be below a Category 3 yarn like fingering yarns or sport yarns.

The type of stitch pattern used and the drape is also equally important. For example, thick poufy stitches like the popcorn stitch or feather stitch may not be a good choice as an overall stitch for a warm summer wardrobe.

Here are some yarn options that are popular for crochet summer tops. 


1. Cotton: Cotton yarn is a classic choice for summer garments. It is known for its breathability, softness, and ability to wick away moisture. Look for mercerized cotton for added strength and sheen.

2. Bamboo: Bamboo yarn is another excellent option for summer tops. It has a silky texture, drapes beautifully, and provides good ventilation. Bamboo yarn is also known for its antibacterial properties.

3. Linen: Linen yarn is lightweight and highly breathable, making it a great addition to your warm weather crochet project. It has a crisp texture and develops a lovely drape over time. Linen can be blended with other fibers like cotton to enhance its softness.

4. Silk: Silk yarn is luxurious and has excellent temperature-regulating properties. It is a lightweight yarn, breathable, and provides a beautiful drape. Silk blends can be more affordable and still offer many of silk’s desirable characteristics.


🧶Tip: Opt for lighter or pastel shades to reflect sunlight and keep you cool from the summer heat.

⚙️ Remember to check the care instructions for your chosen yarn, as some fibers may require special handling. Enjoy the process of selecting lightweight yarns and have fun creating your perfect summer top!

Knowing Your Basic Stitches 


Before any great project, it’s important to know how to create a perfect foundation chain. These basic stitches form the basis of all crochet projects, acting as the essential building blocks for more complex patterns.

This not only ensures a smoother crafting process but also lays the groundwork for tackling more intricate designs. Learn how to start the basic slip knot in 3 ways or how to do the chainless foundation stitch in these quick and easy tutorials.

What are the common crochet stitches that we should know? The slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet stitch serve as a practical guide for beginners.

In this Crochet for Beginners post, you will be able to learn about each stitch and understand how they work differently when choosing a summer crop top project. 

Crafting with simple stitches not only makes it easy to work on but also provides a solid foundation for tackling more complex patterns in the future. 

Free Summer Crochet Crop Top Patterns

festival crochet top

Festival Tassel Crop Top | Free Crochet Top Pattern

This Festival crochet crop top is fun and frilly and a great step up for any crochet beginner. The mesh V shape panel and frilly tassels are a fun addition giving it some serious bohemian and hippie vibe.

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Free Crochet Tank Top Patterns

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Make your own beautiful summer top with these free and easy pattern choices made available here. What makes these patterns even more delightful is their inclusivity, catering to all sizes and body types.

Whether you’re preparing for beach events, summer outings, music festivals, or simply adding a touch of handmade charm to your everyday wardrobe, there’s a perfect pattern waiting for you. 

The key to success lies not only in choosing the right pattern but also in paying attention to essential details. Selecting the appropriate yarn and hook size ensures your creation aligns with your vision, providing the desired drape and comfort. 

Controlling your tension throughout the project is crucial for achieving a polished and professional finish. So, dive into the treasure trove of free crochet patterns, tailor them to your size, and create garments that will accompany you with style and flair through the hot summer days.

If you have any questions about any of these patterns, do get in touch with me by dropping a comment below. Most of these designs are easy crochet top patterns that use basic crochet stitches and easy-to-follow tutorials. 

If you’re on social media, don’t forget to tag me @theknottylace, I would love to see your work!

Happy hooking,
Shaz 🧶

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